Small Arms imports and exports.

I have stumbled upon a sadly interesting interactive website the other day. It shows the trade of the small arms and their ammunition in the world ( no big missiles, ships, warplanes, etc ). It’s BIG money. (Click Here to see the Site ) And we are only talking about the small arms…  A lot of money that could have been used for more noble causes, like fighting against hunger and poverty, education,  like investments in real infrastructure regarding the environmental causes, like researching medical appliances. The List is long.

The world in 2013 approximately spent $1595.1 BILLIONS ( IISS) and $1747 BILLIONS (SIPRI) on weapons.

In 2011, Lebanon has imported $25,010,000 and exported 535,000$ of small arms. “Our” biggest partner was Turkey, it sold to the country the amount of $8,295,000. Lebanon has exported $245,000 to South Korea, making it the top destination of the exportation.

Now Israel, the country that bombs us from time to time, has quite good numbers. In 2011, it exported more than imported. And of course the main importer of Israel is the United States. In 1996, Israel imported $234,040,000 of “goods”, with $232M alone from the USA. It’s odd…it was the year Israel launched the operation ” the grapes of wrath” in Lebanon.

Russia have very good exports to the United States from 1992 to 2011.

The end these endless numbers, here’s a video of the importation and exportation of the United States, it’s hallucinating.

And that’s only the small arms, the official deals.

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The West hypocritical relations with Saudi Arabia.


I have always found the relations between the United States, its allies with Saudi Arabia  highly hypocritical.

United States is the master when it speaks for freedom, equality, rights. It is the first country to condemn violations of human rights etc. It’s beautiful words, addressed only to those who are not benefiting the United States.

Let’s take a look at Saudi Arabia regime and give a few examples.

  • The World knows that Saudi Arabia bans driving for Woman, one was sentenced to 10 lashes because she did not respect the ban.

Every Woman has a male guardian, she cannot, without the permission of this male guardian, travel, work, go to school or get medical treatment, it also bans them from sport. It even installed a system that alerted the male guardian with an sms when the woman “under his control” left the country.

Did the United said something about it ? Did it condemn it ? No.

  • To give you another crazy story.

In 2013 a “cleric” has raped and tortured his 5 year-old daughter because he has doubted her virginity… he was imprisoned..and released few days ago.

Al-Ghamdi, however, has now been released as “blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment” a judge ruled, according to Albawaba News.

  • Another one, this one is recent and funny.

The very serious Saudi Interior Ministry have released a statement to back the chaos and the terrorist threat, it banned very dangerous names !

Some names on the list are allegedly banned by the interior ministry because they are considered “blasphemous,” non-Arabic or non-Islamic, or contradictory to the kingdom’s culture or religion, Gulf News has reported.

The ban was also allegedly justified by the ministry because some of the names were deemed foreign or “inappropriate”.

This is the friend of the United States in the Middle East.

  • Let’s get back to more serious cases.

Bahrain has known popular uprising since 2011, back when “the Arab Spring” began. The protests were severely reprimanded, and human crimes happened. The Bahrain government used systematic torture (page 219) and other forms of physical and psychological abuse on detainees. Remind you of another regime highly condemned by the West ? No ? Syria!The Bahrain government called the “help” of 1000 Saudi troops. Faint condemnations from the West.

  • Finally, controversies happen within the kingdom itself.

The “king” himself is imprisoning his daughters in a house, really shocking story. And it’s not rumors, his ex-wife said that she did not see her children for over 10 years.

The list is exhaustive, endless, the previous examples are a fragment of the atrocities, the repressions that happen in Saudi Arabia. I have not talked about SA involvement in terrorism with Syria.

No real condemnation from the United States, from the EU, how can you criticize your oil provider ? (watch Palmes d’or Fahrenheit 9/11)

Well known non-government organizations like Amnesty International and Humans Right Watch condemns the kingdom.

To end the story,  Prince Charles visited Saudi Arabia few weeks ago, he participated in the traditional Saudi Arabian Sword dance. How does SA apply the capital punishment ? Beheading by sword, in public.