Qatar may be the richest country in the world, but it certainly isn’t an example to follow regarding general human rights. Qatar will host the World Cup of 2022, and it is already building a titanic project. Qatari citizens won’t build themselves the stadiums but low-wage immigrants such as BangladeshContinue Reading

I have always found the relations between the United States, its allies with Saudi Arabia  highly hypocritical. United States is the master when it speaks for freedom, equality, rights. It is the first country to condemn violations of human rights etc. It’s beautiful words, addressed only to those who are notContinue Reading

I have always felt that it is weird that one of our main political force in Lebanon is Pro-Palestine, and with the right of their Return, which is guaranteed by the fourth Geneva convention.  Yet Palestinians in Lebanon live in Ghettos, have zero access to good work, because they are…Palestinians.Continue Reading