Lebanese politicians declare their love for Chairs. (Except the president)

It’s not about the power really, it’s just…look at the design of this chair, I’m literally in love.

That was the response of a member of the Lebanese parliament to the following question : Did you illegally extend your mandate for more personal power and prestige? Another member added : I really don’t care about the mandate, I just love my chair, the way it fits me is surreal. My wife is even jealous!

Is this the real reason Lebanese politicians love so much their jobs and therefore illegally extended their mandate? Is this why Mr. Nabih Berri is on the same chair since 1992? Let’s look deeper into the subject.

Karim Chairri is an interior designer and an expert in chairs from the company “A Chair for every Lebanese”(SARL), we asked him his opinion about the chair of the Head of Parliament. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation.

Thoughts of the Young Arab Adult (YAA) : Mr. Chairri, it’s without any doubt that the Lebanese politicians go absolutely nuts about their chairs. Here’s the best picture we have of the chair of Nabih Berri. Why do you think about it?Karim Chairri (KC) : It’s absolutely marvellous, the chair is obviously designed to last for a very long time and to have someone seated on it for an extended period. 
YAA : What do you think about its color? 
KC:  Black is known for its elegance and simplicity and you must know the French adage that says : “La simplicité fait la beauté” (I.e :simplicity makes beauty). The black leather is also renowned for the confort it offers and makes every genuine Lebanese gentleman to just sit in there, put their Italian shoes on their desk and smoke a big Cuban Cigar.
YAA : I almost want the chair for myself…so Mr.Chairri, your expertise makes the conclusion that it’s absolutely not about power?
KC : Exactly, I understand every politician desire and infinite love..I don’t see how Politics or Power have a role in that.
YAA : Very interesting, but how come the presidential chair have been empty for months now? I don’t understand..
KC : Well that’s another story..the CC is a controversy among-
YAA : I’m sorry to cut you, the CC?
KC : The Cursed Chair, that’s what we call the presidential chair among us Chair experts, well, that’s another issue..just take a look at the chair and you’ll understand.

We decided to look at the chair, or CC as Karl Chairri called it, and we immediately understood, I am sure you will all do.

(AFP Photo/Patrick Baz)
(AFP Photo/Patrick Baz) Empty of course.

“Who wants this chair ? It isn’t stylish, it’s old and old-fashioned, It’s made of wood and not leather, and look at the stupid cushions, if I were a king, I would redesign the entire seat.” That’s what Georges Selman, a design student in AUB, said when he looked at the picture we showed him. He was literally shocked when we revealed to him that it was in fact the presidential chair. “There’s nothing, nothing, presidential about this chair, it reminds me of my grandmother’s salon, ugh”, Selman added with despair.

We now understand why presidents are so hard to find in Lebanon, the chair is the problem, not the solution. YAA believes that a budget for redesigning the chair should be brought upon the council of ministers. It is unfair that the head of parliament has the better chair…

Dear Syrian Refugees, Citizens, Brothers.

I am sincerely sorry if you have felt threatened, badly treated by some Lebanese citizens.

Yes, Racism is present in my country, and it is present in all of the countries of the world. The difference here is that racism may go unpunished by the law, sometimes applauded by watching citizens.

After Arsal incidents and beheading, some lost men released their anger and adrenaline onto you and made some of you fear for their lives, that fear you fled. This illegitimate anger is growing, and it is unfortunately not being stopped by the leaders of our country, and if it is, their voices is not really heard.

The racist behavior is deep down explainable, but will never be accepted by the majority of Lebanese citizens. There are many institutions here to help you and welcome you, to make you feel safe and at home as much as they could.

Many are proud of Lebanon different cultures, religions, origins, many are also proud to receive you.

The number of the Syrian refugees is a problem yes, their accommodations is the question, not expelling them. We don’t have any right to say :” they should return to their country, some towns are at peace”. “They” forget or close their eyes on the fact that the war is killing dozens every day. The moment the civil war is finished, and the moment the refugees that fear for their lives are welcomed back in Syria, they will return. Because no one runs away from his home.

Generalization is dangerous, if some Syrians are from terrorist groups, that doesn’t mean that one should be beaten and ashamed.

If some Lebanese are racists, that doesn’t mean all the Lebanese are racists.

I insist on the fact that this unpunished Racism is very dangerous, it could lead to the resentment of the Syrian refugees towards the Lebanese, again here a generalized response, an explainable one, not a legitimate one.

So, Dear Syrian citizens, don’t play this game, don’t allow yourselves to feel resentment, anger. All of this lead to extremism.

I advise all of us, Lebanese and Syrians, to feel and act responsibly to close this awful door of hate.