Israel will receive the long expected 10 year pact military aid offered by the US. The US administration military aid  Israel is an all-time record, Israel will at least receive $38 billions over the next 10 years. Israel will get at least $3.8 billion a year, up from $3.1 billionContinue Reading

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a group of activists that work peacefully for the end of the Gaza Blockade. Activists, from various backgrounds and nationalities, were aboard the ship called Marianne. Marianne is a symbol of liberty in France, but Marianne, the ship, weren’t free to anchor in Gaza, Palestine.Continue Reading

Chuck Norris, the very well known American actor and martial artist, has been pushing Israelis to vote for Netanyahu. The Internet meme hero has posted videos, urging Israelis to not be fooled by Netanyahu adversaries propaganda..ironically. The Israelis are today electing a new parliament and it’s uncertain whether Netanyahu andContinue Reading