80% of Lebanese find Homosexuality unacceptable but LGBT rights are slowly advancing.

The Pew Research Center has recently released an info-graphic called “Global Views on Morality”¬†that include 40 countries. The studied issues are diverse, from notably homosexuality to divorce and alcohol use. It asks the simple question for every issue, for example: Do you personally believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or is it not a moral issue?

For homosexuality, Lebanese have answered 80% morally unacceptable, 7% acceptable and 11% not a moral issue. They also consider premarital sex and extramarital affairs as less morally acceptable, with 81% and 92%. 0% find extramarital affairs as acceptable.

Contraception use and divorce are the most accepted issues of Lebanon, Lebanese answered it was accepted with a percentage of 34% and 48%.

Source:  Pew Research Center.
Source: Pew Research Center.

The global median for Homosexuality is 59% unacceptable, 20% acceptable and 13% not a moral issue. Lebanon is quite far from the median, and yet it is close for the “not a moral issue” one.

While it can be easy and reasonable to think homosexuality unacceptability is because of a specific religion, especially the Middle East and Islam, it is an erroneous theory. For example, Ghana find homosexuality unacceptable with 98% (and ranks first for unaccepting homosexuality) and Uganda with 93%, both have an absolute majority of Christians.

Homosexuality and all the other issues that are unaccepted are not to be tied to a specific religion.

As for the Middle East, Lebanon is the Arab country that accept the most homosexuality with only 7%, Israel being the first country in the Middle East with 27%.

Lebanon, while behind on the homosexuality score, is slowly advancing towards better rights for LGBT people. In January 2014, ¬†a judge ruled out article 534, the law that condemn people who have sexual acts “that contradict the laws of nature”. An advancement for equal rights in Lebanon and the region.