Liberation Day: 15 years ago Israel fled Lebanon.

This day is an important day for the history of Lebanon and the region.

For the first time, an Arab country drove out effectively the IDF from its land, destroying the myth of Israel indestructibility.

I remember the day with some vivid pictures, even if I was a young kid back then. My family and I lived elsewhere, but Lebanese tv’s were available. My father announced to me with a lot of joy that Israel was out of Lebanon and that the “Muqawama” or militants drove them out.

2 or 3 years after that, I visited the Khiam prison, an Israeli prison that jailed resistants in the Khiam department of South Lebanon. Israel, in its rush to flee the country, let the prisoners in their cells. Families, citizens came to rescue and liberate them. This liberation was recorded on video.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported the use of torture and other serious human rights abuses in the facility. During summer 2006 aggression against Lebanon, Israel bombed the prison, almost like it wanted to remove the traces of its torture and the memory of its defeat.

But here am I, like millions of Lebanese, remembering its crimes and its defeat. Israel, we will never forget.

Beaufort IDF northern military post (1995) 

And yet, Israel hasn’t completely moved out, it still occupies a pice of Lebanon’s land that includes the Chebaa farms. Today, Lebanon reiterates its right to liberate those occupied lands.

A lot of Lebanese, I believe, think that Lebanon lost the war in 2006. Let me tell you this, a loss isn’t measured in destruction and death, it is not the most destructed country that looses, but it is the country that resists that wins. Israel destroyed Lebanon in 2006, and yet here we stand, defiant, resistant to its never-ending oppression. Israel didn’t bend Lebanon’s knee, but it will try again to do so, with all means possible. Recently Israel defence minister dared to threaten Lebanese civilians, including kids.

Today, it is the Hezbollah Flag that waves at the top of the Beaufort castle, not Israel’s.

I am grateful to all forms of rightful and legitimate resistant groups, whether leftists or religious, it is thanks to them that we live today in dignity and freedom, not in subjugation, in apartheid or in a blockade.

Why is the Middle East so prone to conspiracy theories.

It is the new insult. “You’re just a conspiration theorist!, Think!”

I have a theory on why we, the Middle Eastern people, (Arabs and non-Arabs, Muslim and non-Muslim) have so much ease with calling every new terrorist group the work of the USA administration and CIA. It has pushed some Arabic channels to claim that Hillary Clinton admitted to have created IS. (Which is completely untrue) etc.
IS and the general turmoil was born directly because of US presence in Iraqi soil but it was not their creation.

But why are we so quick to call the American government the doer of everything evil in the Middle East? Because USA and CIA have so much directly mingled in foreign governments and affairs that it is almost the first reaction we have.

Here’s an exhaustive list of every direct involvement of CIA and co.

Syria 1949.
Iran 1953
Guatemala 1954
Tibet 1955-1970.
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959
Iraq 1960-1963
Democratic Republic of Congo 1960-1965
Dominican Republic 1961
South Vietnam 1963
Brazil 1964
Ghana 1966
Chile 1970-1973
Argentina 1976
Afghanistan 1979-1989
Turkey 1980
Nicaragua 1981-1990
Iraq 1992-1996
Venezuela 2002
Iran 2005-Present
Syria 2012-Present

That’s without counting the direct interventions here and there. US and their coalition interventionism in the Middle East has killed more than 4 millions of people since 1990. 

After the fall of empires, a new strategy needed to be implemented. Emperors/Presidents couldn’t just invade countries and cut the heads of the subjugated leaders. So they install heads of government they like and topple the ones they don’t like.

Next time someone tells you that you’re just crazy, tell him okay, maybe, but just show him this list and remind him that you won’t be super confident with regimes that killed 4 millions people in 25 years…

Why We Should Not allow terrorists on Lebanon TV’s ; the Rima Karaki case.

The past week, Lebanese supported TV Host Rima Karaki for reacting strongly to the so called sheikh Hani Al-Seba’i, but why should we allow outspoken supporter of terrorism (and maybe terrorists themselves) to speak on live TV’s in the first place ?

Rima Karaki from al Jadeed was conducting an interview with Hani Al-Seba’i, an islamist based in London. She even wore a loose hijab over her heard to show respect to her interlocutor. The latter was explaining how the fact that Christians and other “Nasriyeh” joining terrorist groups weren’t you. Rima Karaki cut him decently and explained to him that they had no time to go into the historical details, Al-Seba’i overly reacted (how the hell could a woman cut Him?) but Karaki tried to calm down the situation, Al-Seba’i continued disperecting her, and even told her to shut up. Karaki demanded from her TV team to end immediatly the interview and the “Sheikh” was muted and out. Karaki wanted to have a respectful and decent debate but she claimed that she couldn’t do an interview like this.

Rima Karaki reacted swifly and bravely to Hani Al-Seba’i. She showed to him that it’s not so easy to shut up a woman on TV within a complexed and macho Middle East, although I want to get into another side of the story.

Who is Hani Al-Seba’i ? An Egyptian strong supporter of Bin Ladin al Quaeda, who has been banned by the UN for supporting terrorism.

Resolution 1267 (1999) and subsequent resolutions have all been adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and require all UN Member States to inter alia: “freeze the assets of, prevent the entry into or transit through their territories by, and prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale and transfer of arms and military equipment to any individual or entity associated with Al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden and/or the Taliban as designated by the Committee”.

So Hani al Seba’i is in fact a terrorist.

He also claimed that non-muslims are all criminals and that France liked to drink blood to get close to Satan.

Here’s another lovely transcript from another interview back in 2011, this time on al Jazeera.

“Let me tell you: I love Sheikh Osama bin Laden as a Muslim. I am not glorifying or extolling anything. I am simply telling it as it is – Sheikh Osama is loved by millions of Muslims. Sheikh Osama is a hymn in the hearts of the downtrodden – from Jakarta to the Hindu Kush Mountains, to the villages and rural areas of Egypt… Ask those downtrodden and poor people, and they will tell you that they are grieving for Sheikh Osama bin Laden.

He adds without any restraint or shame.

“Sheikh Osama bin Laden fought occupation forces. He never killed civilians, and he never said he did. On the contrary, he extended his hand in peace to Europe and the West, and they were the ones who rejected it.”

He thinks that all non-muslims are targets (and murderers) so the victims of 9/11 were not civilians. Absurd.

Why should we allow this sort of man on live TV ? They already have the internet and probably a Mosque to spread their disgusting and stinking lies that actually harm more Arabs and Muslims than the Western civilisation. I confirm and don’t deny that they’re part of our societies. In Lebanon, we have similar “Sheikhs” that called for an insurrection against the military in Tripoli, what followed was a fierce battle between extremists galvanised by the Sheikhs Friday speeches and the Lebanese soldiers. Tripoli residents fled the battle in a massive exode. What if those Sheikhs were given the primetime on TV to call for a “rebellion” against the Lebanese soldiers ?

The media of Lebanon has a role in the spreading of their “ideology” and dogma. As the adage says, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, making  Live TV is a springboard for their words.
Of course, the interviews they participate to are not the sole explication of their existence and their supporters. The issue is political and social. Lack of jobs and education are one of the main reasons, but not necessary always the explanation, the western intervention in Iraq back in 2003 and the War in Syria also played a part in their fast expansion.

I strongly believe that our society and media is way better off without them, their ideas and their brainwashing lies. What do we lose if we stopped allowing them on Lebanese (and Middle East) TV’s ? Nothing, because there’s never been any real debate on TV, just shouting extremists that want to impose their “vision”. Maybe the TV’s like the sort of tension and electricity it creates. But Apart a good fiasco, there’s no real value added. They are a part of our society, but let us restraint this part by beginning to censor them on TV. Yes, censorship is what I am thinking of. I don’t need any euphemism.

In France, the apologists of terrorism, aka their supporters, are not allowed to speak on TV. The dimension it took after Charlie Hebdo attack got out of hand, and I strongly mocked them and condemned the French authorities as they were arresting a child over some words spoken in recreation courts. I’m not saying we should do as France, jailing people over drawings mocking Charlie Hebdo attack (see the irony here), but someone who openly support terrorism (or a terrorist) that already have faithful followers and armed extremists shouldn’t be allowed on TV. Sheikh al Assir should have never spoken on TV, we realised that after his peaceful protest transformed into a bloody battle against the Lebanese army, we shouldn’t have let him have this voice that he needed so much. But again, it’s not the fault of the media.

Al Jadeed is an example in Lebanon, it’s not openly supportive of any political party and I respect the fact that they want to allow the expression of all the Lebanese voices. But there must be limits. Al Manar (Hezbollah owned) and Mustaqbal (Future owned), should learn from it.

Finally, I wish a happy International Woman day to Rima Karaki and all the woman who said “stop” against any form of Machismo, including violent extremism. We need more woman like her in the Middle East and in the World.

Why “American Sniper” won’t get a single dollar from me.

American Sniper is a movie based on the life of Chris Kyle, the “Most Lethal Sniper in US Military history”. Chris Kyle served multiple times in Iraq during the 2003 “War”. He killed 255 persons, 160 of them confirmed.

Iraq war was officially done on the 18th December of 2011. But its destructive repercussions and consequences still continue until today and will probably continue for years.

Here’s a few numbers. 

The Iraq Body Count project (IBC project), incorporating subsequent reports, has reported that by the end of the major combat phase up to April 30, 2003, 7,419 civilians had been killed, primarily by U.S. air-and-ground forces.

In a few weeks, US forces managed to kill 7419 civilians. By the end of the war and because of the consequences of the USA invasion, 105,052 to 114,731 violent civilians deaths (January 2012) were recorded by Iraqi Body Count.

Chris Kyle.

Chris Kyle was a violent killer, he may have killed insurgents and “bad guys” in the eyes of Americans. But these “bad guys” just didn’t like thousands of invaders in their country. The Extremist insurgency, that I completely reject because of its nature, was a natural response to the US invasion and the dissolution of the Iraqi army.

American Sniper is based on the Chris Kyle autobiography called : American Sniper: the Autobiography of the Most Lethal sniper in US Military History. 

Rania Khalek, a journalist, tweeted multiple excerpts from the book revealing the nature of Chris Kyle.

Chris Kyle think that the world is a black and white painting, Civilisation versus Savages, Good vs Bad. Guess where he thought he was standing.

Apparently, Chris Kyle killings were fun. He didn’t think that he was in fact the invader and the insurgents were trying to defend themselves, he was doing GOOD.

Chris Kyle is the great american Hero, he was actually helping Iraqis with all those deaths ! How can they dare to respond when they toppled the other bad guy Saddam!

Chris Kyle also were in a competition to kill more than his other friend sniper.

Where’s the harm in killing more persons when it’s killing bad guys ? Should I add #sarcasm here?

To topple it, Chris Kyle were much of an Islamophobic killer. “Christianism had evolved, Islam did not”

Why should I pay money, sit passively in front of a screen to watch American cow boys killing bad arabs while eating popcorn?

It’s not just a “movie”, it does play in people minds and does send a message. And the message is very clear and very counterproductive. Us vs Them. Civilisation Vs Savages. It does make people want to have fun and kill “Arab Savages”

I won’t even comment those.

Hollywood and the American army liaison. 

If a director or a producer wants to get weapons and warplanes for their movie, all they have to do is ask the Pentagon. The Pentagon will grant them their needs ONLY after reading the entire scrip and making sure that the actual movie doesn’t make the American army look bad. I wonder if American Sniper got the okay from the Pentagon, most probably yes.

The Pentagon liaison officers in Los Angeles primarily provide expertise for films, but they also lend their expertise to television shows, documentaries, and video games. But all their support is conditional. Capt. Russell Coons, director of the Navy Office of Information West, said that his office turns down 95 percent of what comes in.

“Because in most cases it doesn’t represent our core values,” Coons said. “We’re not going to support a program that disgraces a uniform or presents us in a compromising way.”

Generally, the Navy, like the other service branches, will only endorse scripts or productions that showcase U.S. military values that the Pentagon wants to promote: honour, courage and commitment. “Top Gun,” for example, the 1986 film about a cocky young pilot made good, starring Tom Cruise, used Navy crewmen as its pilot and aircrew onboard at least two aircraft carriers, one in San Diego and one in the Pacific Ocean.

The Pentagon acts as a censor even before the filming takes place. If one US citizen wants to criticise his own army while depicting them, he’s going to have a hard time.

Here’s two movies that I recommend though, Full Metal Jacket and Dr Strangelove from Kubrick. Watch the director showing what a war is really about, Nonsense and Absurdity.

Putting myself in Iraqi civilians shoes. 

If I were an Iraqi person that lost members of his family, I would be shocked and I wouldn’t understand. Why do people need to watch heroised killings and consequently think that the Iraq war were that simple ? Why don’t they consider that dozens of thousands of civilians died ? The lives and dreams destroyed ? Why should the Arabs  and people of conscious go watch a movie that transform us into savages ? Why should the invader should be considered as the good guy ?…

My Answer : I don’t know, but that’s why American Sniper won’t get a dollar from me.

Al Akhbar responds to the Israel “Defence” Force spokesman on Twitter.

The political leaning of al-Akhbar is well-known in Lebanon, its “leftist” or pro-Resistance stance is not really hidden from the masses.

It has tweeted earlier this evening (12/24/14) a link to an article published today entitled : Israel kills Palestinian in yet another ceasefire violation.

To sum the article up, al-Akhbar expresses concern about the incessant ceasefire violation of Israel that is happening almost daily in Gaza. The ceasefire was to be respected after a violent war that killed more than 2160 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Israel has lost 66 soldiers and 6 civilians (one thai).

Peter Lerner, “IDF” spokesman responded to the tweet.

Al-Akbhar could not stay silent and answerer to the Spokesman with this tweet.

It is important to understand why Al Akhbar indirectly blamed Peter Lerner of Propaganda.

I believe it blamed him for the Hasbara, the strategy Israel uses to embellish its image in the media and in public relations. It is a pitiful euphemism of propaganda.

The Hasbara is taught to Israeli defenders. The Israel project, a US based group that lobbies for Israel, teach Hasbara makers to defend Israel, notably the sensible subject of settlements.

So here’s the five-step approach to talking about civilian casualties in Gaza:

  1. Empathy: “All human life is precious. We understand that the loss of one innocent Palestinian life is every bit as tragic as the loss of an Israeli life.”
  2. Admission: “We admit that Israel isn’t always successful at preventing civilian casualties…”
  3. Effort: “We remain committed to doing everything in our power to preventing civilian casualties.”
  4. Examples: “Let me tell you how our armed forces are trained, tasked, and operate to ensure that Palestinian civilians remain safe.”
  5. Turn tables: “It is a tragedy that Iran-backed Hamas shoots rockets at our civilians while hiding in their own … This causes tragic deaths on both sides.”

Al Akhbar has every right to call Peter Lerner, “IDF” spokesperson, a propagandist.

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What Assad Supporters need to know.

It is always useful to take a step back, look at some (not so old) history and place yourself within the given new context.

Pro-Assad people will never hesitate to blame pro-opposition in Syria to support IS, Al Qaeda and sometimes as far as Zionism. They will point out how evil powers of the world are all plotting to make the Assad regime fall, including Turkey. In fact, the latter is allowing Jihadis to pass by its porous frontiers and getting directly to the front.

But what about the role of Syria in the Iraqi turmoil ? Let’s quote some parts of an article in the Guardian.

Like the Americans, General Kamal was convinced that Syria was destabilizing Iraq, an assessment based on the interrogations of jihadists who had been captured by his troops. Throughout 2009, in a series of interviews, Kamal laid out his evidence, using maps that plotted the routes used by jihadists to cross the border into western Iraq, and confessions that linked their journeys to specific mid-ranking officers in Syrian military intelligence.

General Kamal was the director of intelligence of Iraq’s Interior ministry.

As Isis activity ebbed in Iraq, he had become increasingly obsessed with two meetings that had taken place in Syria early in 2009, which brought together Iraqi jihadists, Syrian officials and Ba’athists from both countries. […]

The attendees included senior Iraqi Ba’athists who had taken refuge in Damascus since their patron Saddam was ousted, Syrian military intelligence officers, and senior figures in what was then known as al-Qaida in Iraq. The Syrians had developed links to the jihadists since the earliest days of the anti-US insurgency and had used them to unsettle the Americans and their plans for Iraq.

Abu Ahmed, a “senior official” within IS adds.

“The mujahideen all came through Syria,” he said. “I worked with many of them. Those in Bucca had flown to Damascus. A very small number had made it from Turkey, or Iran. But most came to Iraq with the help of the Syrians.”

Militant Islamist fighters waving flags, travel in vehicles as they take part in a military parade along the streets of Syria’s northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Stringer/Reuters

To sum it up, the Syrian regime of Al-Assad helped Jihadis install chaos in Iraq. Those Jihadis then used the chaos in Syria and grew much bigger than they intended to.

Before blaming Turkey and their evil plans, (and you have every right to do so), take a second and think about the Syrian contribution to terrorism in the region. Blame both.

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France’s Hypocrisy or the illusion of Freedom.

France is always showing off with its history, its revolution, the declaration of the rights of Man and the Citizen, the monarchy abolition. And it has the right to brag about its past, but the present France doesn’t respect itself regarding its history.

Why does France is somehow the first country to welcome the new dictator of Egypt Sisi, a leader that massacres his own people at protests. A “leader” that closes the border of Rafah, the only exit for Palestinians in Gaza that wanted to save their lives during the last Israeli massacre, and that still want to evade the Israeli blockade.

Liberté-Égalité-Fraternité is France national motto, yet it seems that this is only applicable to Frenchmen and not the citizens of the world.

Hollande isn’t the first president to develop a friendship with a dictator, nor France the first country ; Sarkozy welcomed in Paris his late friend Gaddafi, ex-bloody dictator of Libya, and it has been revealed that Gaddafi had paid for Sarkozy’s presidency campaign. Years later, Sarkozy was the first to call for international action in Libya, talk about dirty politics…

At every speech  about freedom and equality, you will be laughed at, because you openly ally yourself with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other dictators of the world.

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How many of us really care about the presidential election ?

(Photo: Bilal Jawiche)

Did you wake up  and say : Today’s the Lebanese Presidential Election, I shall look forward to the candidates and see who will lead our country ?

How many of us really care about today’s election ? How many of us think that our president represent us ?

Personally, I never felt proud of our Lebanese president, I never identified to him. Lahoud and Sleiman are the only presidents that I am aware of, but I always felt that they were very distant, not close to us, the people.

I don’t care about Aoun and Geagea, I don’t want any actors of the civil war to play leaders, that’s not what we need. I want to vote for my president, and I want to vote for a president, regardless of his religion, because guess what, in my Lebanese Utopia, none of the candidates would declare their religions, just their plans to make a better country. Have I heard about programs from the candidates ? I sincerely can’t tell the difference between them, except their political affiliations. NO I don’t care about the elections.

I want to see new faces. I want to see new INDEPENDENT faces, ones that are not playing at war with others, ones that will take Lebanon further. I’ll be proud of that president.

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George W. Bush Talked to Chirac about Biblical Prophecies.

The other day I have found an amazing story on the internet, a story that was highly over-looked by main media.

I’m writing this post to show the immense stupidity of war. The War in Question ? USA invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Georges W Bush, before invading Iraq , called the former French President Jacques Chirac and said :

“Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East. . . . The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled. . . . This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.”

Who are Gog and Magog ?  Figures, monsters, mentioned in the Ancient Testament, the New Testament, and the Quran, nothing wrong or bizarre about that in monotheist religions with the same God.  Gog and Magog in the Ancient Testament of Ezekiel are two mysterious and destructing forces that will menace Israel. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, Gog and Magog will be fought by a gathering of nations,  “and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.”

Chirac says he was boggled by Bush’s call, and “wondered how someone could be so superficial and fanatical in their beliefs”.

And I completely understand Chirac, the leader of the so-called only superpower in the World, in order to convince and gather nations to invade Iraq, spoke about biblical prophecies ? Now I wonder if Bush called his English friend Tony and spoke about this.  Did Tony Blair say :”Bloody Hell…Bush must be right, Gog and Magog are obviously plotting against Israel in the Middle East, we must fight this war.”

Maybe Bush was really thinking that France was going to be convinced when he talked about prophecies ? The question is, did Bush really think that biblical prophecies were being accomplished ? Or it’s just to disguise his attack against Iraq, or both ? My heart go to both of the allegations.

Maybe entire families of US troops were destroyed because some biblical prophecies.

Maybe approximately a million men woman and children were killed because of some biblical prophecies.