Saudi Leaks: Saudi Arabia “buying” Lebanese Politicians and MTV Lebanon.

Wikileaks is releasing more than half a million and cables from Saudi Arabia foreign ministry and embassies around the world.

Numerous cables concern Lebanese politics, for example, Geagea, the leader for the Lebanese Forces, asked the Saudi Regime to help his party financially. The Saudi ambassador in Beirut, sent a letter to Riyadh and describe the meeting with a representative of the Lebanese forces, he said that “he [Geagea] expressed readiness to do what the kingdom asks him to do.”

Geagea, and therefore the Lebanese Forces, are exchanging their political freedom and sovereignty for money. The Lebanese Forces have always claimed to serve Lebanese interests and has criticised numerous times Hezbollah. It accuses the Shiite political party of serving Iranian interests. The Lebanese forces aren’t representing the “independence” of Lebanon and are serving Saudi interests.

Another cable shows the agreement between the MTV Lebanon, a generalist TV founded by Michael el Murr, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MTV Lebanon has chosen to cut its freedom of speech for 5 Million dollars. It has first asked for 20 Millions, it seems that the station has been “bought” quite cheaply.

The Deal made between MTV Lebanon and Saudi Arabia is described in this document.

Lebanese Political parties aren’t serving the interests of Lebanese citizens when they allow themselves to be bought. They’re acting as vassals of big states.

The current state of newspapers and TV’s fulfil the interests of Political parties and foreign states, they’re a tool in their hands to control the opinions. TV’s like MTV, OTV, or NBN, have the freedom to criticise their political opponents, but can’t speak a word about their godfather. You do not cut the hands of your feeder…
For more details, read this piece by Joey Ayoub to understand that the Lebanese media is censored by political parties and the sectarian system of Lebanon.

We have a tangible proof that foreign countries directly mingle with Politicians and the Media.