67 years later, the oppression of the Palestinian people by the Zionist entity of Israel hasn’t stopped, the displacement hasn’t stopped, the killings haven’t stopped, the massacres continue, human rights are violated. People watch the apartheid of Israel, the wall still stands, the “advanced” democracies of the world support it,Continue Reading

Israel fought a war against Lebanon in 2006, killing more than 1000 people, 30% children under 13. It also bombed the Jiye electric power plant, (which is basically collective punishment), this bombing led to a disastrous oil slick. The UN general assembly just voted a resolution, (170 votes on 179)Continue Reading

Conversation with Rifi : Lebanese Ctizen : “Alo ? Yes, how are you minister, have you heard about the beheading of the Lebanese Soldier ?” -Rifi : “Oh ? Meh…let’s negotiate with them” – “I have also found pictures of kids burning “Daesh-IS” flag in Achrafieh” -Rifi : “WHATT??? AREContinue Reading