Pinkwashing: Fabian Maamari’s pictures in Israel help the Israeli propaganda.

Disclaimer: I would have reacted almost the same way if the picture showed a Lebanese woman and an Israeli man, or vice-versa. But the homosexuality adds something particular to Israel called Pinkwashing, a form of propaganda. 

The picture shows a Lebanese man and an Israeli man kissing, with obviously their respective flags on their back, and it’s taken somewhere in Israel. Fabian Maamari got into Israel with his Swedish passport, (I didn’t know this was possible) and happen to have, according to the pictures, a Jewish friend.


The picture is wrong for mainly two reasons, normalisation and pink-washing, both propaganda strategies used by Israel, called “Hasbara”.

1) The normalisation.

I support the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS). BDS put pressure on the Israeli society as a whole and on the Israeli government in particular. It is a peaceful way for people around the world to resist Israeli obvious war crimes and the apartheid. One of the strategies is to pressure artists, such as musicians, to boycott Israel and not to play there, whether in the West Bank or in Tel Aviv. Some accept, (like most notably Roger Waters from Pink Floyd) and themselves become advisors on the matter, on how performing in Israel will normalise the zionist country and put attention away from the crimes of the Israeli government or settlers. The Israeli government tacitly supports racist settlers. 

I have nothing against the couple in itself, but I do have something against this picture, because it is now being used by pro-Israeli groups to show Israel as a welcoming country, such as “Stand with Us” and therefore turn away the attention from Netanyahu and his openly racist government. If I didn’t know anything about the Israeli society or the government, just that Israel and Lebanon have been at “war”. Then maybe I would think: “Hey, if Israelis permit that, therefore, their government must permit that too, so Israeli is not that bad!”.

Normalisation before justice is never acceptable, because it put away justice in a shade and the following reparations. Normalisation is one of the main strategies of the Israeli Hasbara, lsrael PR strategy, propaganda. Remember, Israel government incites settlers and are behind the violence that burned alive a 18-month Palestinian baby.


Israel always wants to present itself as the most modern and progressive country in the middle east, as the only democracy etc, as a safe haven for minorities and human rights. It uses a strategy called Pink-Washing: it represents itself as accepting LGBTQ people just in order to again put shadow on their crimes and wars. The picture will be used to present Israel not only as peace-loving, which is untrue, but also as LGBTQ-loving, which is also untrue. While Israel does allow gay couples, the same-sex marriage isn’t possible because of the confessional system. While pro-Israeli groups such as Stand with us display how much Israel is “open” about LGBTQ people, Israel restricts marriage between Palestinians and Israelis. In fact, Palestinians married to “Israeli” Arabs, can’t join their bride or husband into Israel. They also can’t have the Israeli nationality. Some LGBT groups like Queers against Israeli Apartheid rejected Israel pink-washing hasbara/propaganda, because it is hypocrite and is a way towards normalisation, basically just a PR stunt for Israel, again.

I don’t know Fabian Maamari as a person, but what I wish to tell him that by showing this picture, you’re helping Israeli crimes, and you most probably don’t know it.

Picture with IDF soldiers.


There’s also a highly disturbing picture of Fabian Maamari where he met Israeli soldiers and got along with them, not only he presented Israel as a welcoming country, but he also present the “IDF” as welcoming, kind, and fair. The same IDF that massacred 550 children just a year ago in Gaza, the same IDF that kills in the West Bank, the same IDF that massacred Lebanese civilians 9 years ago in 2006.

I am speaking about this because it happens that Fabian is a Lebanese person, so somehow the story connected with myself, but I would say the same to every person, regardless of nationality.

Fabian Maamari, stop whitewashing and pinkwashing Israeli crimes, just like so many Israelis do. I haven’t seen a post from you condemning Israel nor the IDF, I want to see that you’re not politically slavish, do what great Israelis are doing like Illan Pappé, combat the racist state of Israel.

The children of Gaza shaken by three wars.

You don’t have to be the most compassionate and altruistic human being to understand the injustice in Palestine in general and the despair and plight of those who live in Gaza in particular.

The Data here doesn’t explain the political context of the war, but it does reveal one component of the zionist ideology : Ethnic cleansing and psychological war.

A child who is 7 years old today has lived through three wars, and every war was worse than the previous one. The last one killed more than 550 children and has put hundred of thousands under heavy traumatic stress. In Israel, a child was killed by the unguided rockets of the resistance in Gaza.

Save the Children, an NGO, brought up the data in a report: 70% of children in Gaza have nightmares, 89% of the parents reported that their children leave in a constant fear, 75% of children usually wet their beds.

30% of children feel listlessness and a lack of motivation, 50% have a fear of attending school, and 20% of children isolate and withdraw themselves.

Israel’s minister of defence threatens to kill Lebanese children, yes, children.

If you wanted a proof that Israel doesn’t really care about killing children, you have it here.

The Israeli defence minister said the following in a conference in Jerusalem :

“we are going to hurt Lebanese civilians to include kids of the family. We went through a very long deep discussion … we did it then, we did it in [the] Gaza Strip, we are going to do it in any round of hostilities in the future.”

In the last onslaught on Gaza, the so called IDF “managed” to kill 2257 Palestinians. OCHA (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairsclaimed that 70% were civilians, including more than 500 Palestinian children. Today, more than 370,000 children in Gaza requires psychological support. Many of them, not 10 years old, have already witnessed three devastating wars, in 2009-2010, in 2012 and in 2014.

Israel ministers have never been so open about killing civilians. Moshe Yaalon, the defence minister, admits that Israel purposely target civilians. Is it to “defend” themselves? Defence, it seems, is about the extermination of whole families. The “IDF” killed 25 members of the same family Abu Jamaa in a single strike last summer.

To put the cherry on the cake, Netanyahu, Israel’s PM, appointed Ayelet Shaked to be the next Minister of Justice. Shaked infamously called for a genocide against Palestinians, including mothers and children, whom she portrayed as “little snakes”. What a team.

To systematically kill children or to call for a genocide are war crimes, you don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that. Moshe Yaalon must be tried and condemned in front of the International Criminal Court, just like Netanyahu, Olmert and all their teams.

Many Israeli soldiers testified and implied that civilians were considered as legitimate targets  in the operation “Protective Edge”. Here’s one of the testimonies.

“If you spot someone, shoot.”

“They told us: ‘There aren’t supposed to be any civilians there’.”

“If you shoot someone in Gaza it’s cool, no big deal. First of all, because it’s Gaza, and second, because that’s warfare.”

Every time Israel boasts about its army being the most “moral” in the world, remember those words.
Every time countries and Israel cry about the “right to defend itself”, ask yourself: “from whom? Children?”

Al Akhbar responds to the Israel “Defence” Force spokesman on Twitter.

The political leaning of al-Akhbar is well-known in Lebanon, its “leftist” or pro-Resistance stance is not really hidden from the masses.

It has tweeted earlier this evening (12/24/14) a link to an article published today entitled : Israel kills Palestinian in yet another ceasefire violation.

To sum the article up, al-Akhbar expresses concern about the incessant ceasefire violation of Israel that is happening almost daily in Gaza. The ceasefire was to be respected after a violent war that killed more than 2160 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Israel has lost 66 soldiers and 6 civilians (one thai).

Peter Lerner, “IDF” spokesman responded to the tweet.

Al-Akbhar could not stay silent and answerer to the Spokesman with this tweet.

It is important to understand why Al Akhbar indirectly blamed Peter Lerner of Propaganda.

I believe it blamed him for the Hasbara, the strategy Israel uses to embellish its image in the media and in public relations. It is a pitiful euphemism of propaganda.

The Hasbara is taught to Israeli defenders. The Israel project, a US based group that lobbies for Israel, teach Hasbara makers to defend Israel, notably the sensible subject of settlements.

So here’s the five-step approach to talking about civilian casualties in Gaza:

  1. Empathy: “All human life is precious. We understand that the loss of one innocent Palestinian life is every bit as tragic as the loss of an Israeli life.”
  2. Admission: “We admit that Israel isn’t always successful at preventing civilian casualties…”
  3. Effort: “We remain committed to doing everything in our power to preventing civilian casualties.”
  4. Examples: “Let me tell you how our armed forces are trained, tasked, and operate to ensure that Palestinian civilians remain safe.”
  5. Turn tables: “It is a tragedy that Iran-backed Hamas shoots rockets at our civilians while hiding in their own … This causes tragic deaths on both sides.”

Al Akhbar has every right to call Peter Lerner, “IDF” spokesperson, a propagandist.

Continue reading Al Akhbar responds to the Israel “Defence” Force spokesman on Twitter.

Hamas off the EU terror list ; Cuba and USA Bff’s

EU removed Hamas from its “terror list” because it causes the EU “procedural” problems, it comes after a vote to recognize the Palestinian state and the two-state solution. It is in fact technical and have no real consequences yet.

The court added in a statement that Wednesday’s decision to remove Hamas from the EU’s blacklist was based on procedural errors and did “not imply any substantive assessment of the question of the classification of Hamas as a terrorist group”.

Now of course, Bibi Netanyahu was very pissed off, how could the EU do that ? Are they antisemitic or something ? He was not satisfied because this move may actually help develop peace ! Not that I support the two-state solution.

The two-state solution omits completely the Palestinian refugees that fled their homes during the Nakba, a lot of these homes are in present-day Israel. And Israel keeps colonizing the West Bank by a rate never achieved before, in fact, Netanyahu has confiscated more land than previous prime ministers.
Hamas applauded the removal. Who likes to be called a terrorist ? Israel doesn’t when it bombs civilian homes…but hey !

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, USA and Cuba have had a historic rapprochement.

The two neighbor states have tensions since 1960 after Castro revolution and the fall of Batista.

Cuba have been under a heavy embargo since 50 years. It’s no surprise that Obama called the “isolation” a failure. Because it is. US will soon have an embassy built in Cuba, but it seems that Cuba didn’t decide yet to do the same ; I couldn’t find it in all these reports. Weird.

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) greets Cuban President Raul Castro before giving his speech at the memorial service for late South African President Nelson Mandela at the First National Bank soccer stadium, in Johannesburg Tuesday. (REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)

A lot of US residents are applauding the reconciliation that were marked with prisoners exchange. Some cite the economic benefits, others a new “Spring Break Destination”. Guevara must be turning in his grave.

The involvement of the Pope Francis surprised me, the latter facilitated the tense relations, sending letters to USA and Cuba Leaders. Oh and Happy birthday Pope Francis.

A Palestinian minister has been killed.

I know nothing about Ziad Abu Ein, the minister that got killed by the Israeli “Army” during a clash, but I know one thing for sure, his death will be at best condemned by leaders of the west, and probably won’t even make waves in the western world.

In the status quo of Palestine, the late minister won’t get justice, like his Palestinian fellows. He was minister of Prisoners, what kind of country get a minister for prisoners ? A country under apartheid of course.

What a day to celebrate the Human Rights.

Now let’s imagine if he was an Israeli minister, imagine the reactions of the leaders of the Western World, the reaction of the bloodthirsty Netanyahu that would probably launch a new war in Gaza or the West Bank. The massacre “Protective Edge” was after all started after three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed. Israel unexpectedly blamed Hamas without any proof and stopped the atrocity after killing 500 children, lives worthless to Israel.

The expected reaction of the Western World will show how much Palestinian blood is worthless, and how much overvalued is Israeli blood.

Update : Pictures on the Internet are showing an Israeli soldier choking Ziad Abu Ein, it may be the cause of his death, the autopsy is being conducted.

And as Expected, no real reaction from the Western World, just cowardly silence.