I filmed this video the 28th of August, before the huge mass demonstration of the 29th. Nibal Abdel Khalek were brutally beaten and arrested for more than three days by the Lebanese police. His crime? He was passing near the police force. He was arrested around 11:30PM on the 23rd ofContinue Reading

This have been first published the 1st of August in “Voices of the Middle East Blog” here. A blog held by Mariam Tuma. (Twitter: @mariamjxde) Changes from the initial post will be in Italic. “We’re in the midst of a political, environmental and social crisis in Lebanon. Allow me toContinue Reading

Yesterday people of conscience protested in the Downtown district of Beirut, near the government and the parliament. I was there to take pictures and videos but to also manifest my frustration and anger over the matter. Downtown not only hosts the useless government, but it is also the symbol ofContinue Reading

The talks between major political parties Hezbollah (Party of God) and the Mustaqbal party (Futur Party) have brought to the table the political slogans. They both decided to remove them and it was reported that Hezbollah removed slogans in Saida and Mustaqbal removed slogans in Tripoli. Once as I wasContinue Reading