Palestinians wrote and signed a petition: “On The Allies We’re Not Proud Of: A Palestinian Response to Troubling Discourse on Syria” We, the undersigned Palestinians, write to affirm our commitment to the amplification of Syrian voices as they endure slaughter and displacement at the hands of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime. WeContinue Reading

Israel will receive the long expected 10 year pact military aid offered by the US. The US administration military aid  Israel is an all-time record, Israel will at least receive $38 billions over the next 10 years. Israel will get at least $3.8 billion a year, up from $3.1 billionContinue Reading

You might have seen their security guards, in white shirts with the logo G4S. G4S is a global company that provide security solutions. In Lebanon they deliver many solutions such as cash solutions and manned solutions. But in Israel it’s a whole other story, they help the Israeli zionist regimeContinue Reading

Disclaimer: I would have reacted almost the same way if the picture showed a Lebanese woman and an Israeli man, or vice-versa. But the homosexuality adds something particular to Israel called Pinkwashing, a form of propaganda.  The picture shows a Lebanese man and an Israeli man kissing, with obviously theirContinue Reading

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a group of activists that work peacefully for the end of the Gaza Blockade. Activists, from various backgrounds and nationalities, were aboard the ship called Marianne. Marianne is a symbol of liberty in France, but Marianne, the ship, weren’t free to anchor in Gaza, Palestine.Continue Reading

Disclaimer : This is not a post to say that the war in Syria is more humane than in Israel or vice-versa. Nor to support Assad over Netanyahu or vice-versa.  If you’re present on Twitter and criticise Netanyahu, Israel and its war crimes, a response will be recurrent from obviouslyContinue Reading

Lina Khattab is a Palestinian journalism student and activist from the West Bank, Palestine, she has just been freed after 6 months in an Israeli Prison. The IDF soldiers had kidnapped Lina Khattab on the 13th of December 2014, she was participating in a nonviolent protest to mark the 47thContinue Reading

Khader Adnan is a Palestinian currently held by the Israeli authorities in what’s called an “Administrative detention”. It means he can be held and imprisoned without charge or trial. Since 1999, Khader Adnan has been held 6 years in total in Israeli prison. He is starving himself because hunger strikeContinue Reading