Conversation with Rifi : Lebanese Ctizen : “Alo ? Yes, how are you minister, have you heard about the beheading of the Lebanese Soldier ?” -Rifi : “Oh ? Meh…let’s negotiate with them” – “I have also found pictures of kids burning “Daesh-IS” flag in Achrafieh” -Rifi : “WHATT??? AREContinue Reading

[youtube=]   Some parties that seat in the Lebanese Parliament want to extend for the second time the mandate. Their argument is that we can’t vote right now because of the bad security in Lebanon and the presidential vacancy. Their Argument is wrong because our rights are more important thanContinue Reading

I have always felt that it is weird that one of our main political force in Lebanon is Pro-Palestine, and with the right of their Return, which is guaranteed by the fourth Geneva convention.  Yet Palestinians in Lebanon live in Ghettos, have zero access to good work, because they are…Palestinians.Continue Reading

With pride, they smile and take photos of their victims. I support the idea of hunting for food, and just for food, not for the game or “the art” to do so. Hunting should be regulated, controlled by the government, or entire species can disappear, not only birds, but terrestrialContinue Reading