Disclaimer: I would have reacted almost the same way if the picture showed a Lebanese woman and an Israeli man, or vice-versa. But the homosexuality adds something particular to Israel called Pinkwashing, a form of propaganda.  The picture shows a Lebanese man and an Israeli man kissing, with obviously theirContinue Reading

Yesterday people of conscience protested in the Downtown district of Beirut, near the government and the parliament. I was there to take pictures and videos but to also manifest my frustration and anger over the matter. Downtown not only hosts the useless government, but it is also the symbol ofContinue Reading

“Invest in books, not bullets” advocated Malala during her speech for the inauguration of a girls school in Bekaa, Lebanon. Malala is a Pakistani young adult, she won the Nobel peace prize in 2014, making her the youngest winner ever. Lebanon has witnessed the huge influx of Syrian refugees sinceContinue Reading

Video leaks from the notorious prison of Roumieh have made the headlines last week. In the videos, we can see guards humiliating and abusing detainees. One of the detainee was Omar al Atrash, a cleric that smuggled car bombs and Islamist terrorists into Lebanon. I have argued why we shouldContinue Reading

Wikileaks is releasing more than half a million and cables from Saudi Arabia foreign ministry and embassies around the world. Numerous cables concern Lebanese politics, for example, Geagea, the leader for the Lebanese Forces, asked the Saudi Regime to help his party financially. The Saudi ambassador in Beirut, sent a letter toContinue Reading

Videos, taken inside the infamous prison of Roumieh, in Lebanon, emerged online. The videos show guards beating prisoners laying on the ground, with a large green stick. The prisoners were shirtless, half-naked, and had their hands tied-up. The abuses may date from April and could be answers or punishment toContinue Reading

Disclaimer : This is not a post to say that the war in Syria is more humane than in Israel or vice-versa. Nor to support Assad over Netanyahu or vice-versa.  If you’re present on Twitter and criticise Netanyahu, Israel and its war crimes, a response will be recurrent from obviouslyContinue Reading

The Pew Research Center has recently released an info-graphic called “Global Views on Morality” that include 40 countries. The studied issues are diverse, from notably homosexuality to divorce and alcohol use. It asks the simple question for every issue, for example: Do you personally believe that homosexuality is morally acceptable, morallyContinue Reading

The state tries to neutralise the army of Lebanon and is intelligent in doing so, but it should try to neutralise it by action, not inaction, the action of attacking the extremists with the backing of all political factions and all religious authorities. The Hezbollah position of fighting against extremistsContinue Reading