You might have seen their security guards, in white shirts with the logo G4S. G4S is a global company that provide security solutions. In Lebanon they deliver many solutions such as cash solutions and manned solutions. But in Israel it’s a whole other story, they help the Israeli zionist regimeContinue Reading

Last Wednesday after hearing an insult against Nabih Berri by a protester, Amal Movement supporters rushed to the scene, destroyed the tents of the hunger strikers, threw huge stones and bricks at the peaceful protesters. They were enraged by the insult. They may have been directly sent by the AmalContinue Reading

I filmed this video the 28th of August, before the huge mass demonstration of the 29th. Nibal Abdel Khalek were brutally beaten and arrested for more than three days by the Lebanese police. His crime? He was passing near the police force. He was arrested around 11:30PM on the 23rd ofContinue Reading

This post is written by M, the writer chose to remain anonymous in order to prevent attacks against herself. She denounces and condemns the grave issue of online misogyny and stresses that even though those are online attacks : “…every single account has a REAL LIFE HUMAN behind it. TheseContinue Reading

طلعت ريحتكم or You stink! is originally just a page and event on Facebook that called for multiple protests. The protests aimed at condemning the government mismanagement of the garbage, not only the crisis, but also the non-environmental solution it has issued. You Stink! is an insult aimed against theContinue Reading

This have been first published the 1st of August in “Voices of the Middle East Blog” here. A blog held by Mariam Tuma. (Twitter: @mariamjxde) Changes from the initial post will be in Italic. “We’re in the midst of a political, environmental and social crisis in Lebanon. Allow me toContinue Reading