Do not expect the sweet taste of Strawberries. [Poem].

Our leaders, the great commanders,
Are always thirsty for Blood,
They’ll leave millions in Hunger,
And Thousands Scrawling in the Mud,

They represent our interests!
Pledge Allegiance! Or you’ll die,
Don’t pretend to understand why,
Fast and Forever we will Rest.

Do not wait for Spring,
Do not expect the sweet taste of Strawberries,
You’ll only hear the scream of warplane wings,
Not the Buzzing of the colourful Bees,

The Decisive Storm will only bring
Asphyxiating dust over Ruins,
Democracy with bombs?
Try to sprout a Rose with fire…

Nakba Day – Day of the Catastrophe.

I still can feel the sand in my sandals,

The hot air filled my empty chest,

With my children and grandchildren I’ve left,

An Empty House and Land.


How long will it take ?

When will I see again the Galilee sea ?

I still picture my House and my Land,

Even it is just now debris and sand,

Or is it ?

Isn’t my house occupied by people that have no right to it ?

Look! I still have the key, maybe they changed its lock,

Maybe they changed everything, moved every rock,

But my Heart and my Soul will never forget !


You may take everything,

Take everything if you want !

You may occupy every bit of land,

Claim it is yours by right !


But you will never stop the resistance,

We will not lose confidence, abidance, resilience !