Shimon Peres died the wrong way.

Beirut, Lebanon.

I do not want to spend too much energy and time writing on the dead former Israeli president and twice prime minister, Shimon Peres. He doesn’t deserve too much effort.

Peres has lived too long; for most of his 93 years old life, he worked against Palestinian right to freedom and life. He directly participated in the Nakbah, in 1947 he joined the Haganah, the terrorist Zionist organization that became the IDF, Israel’s army.

During the Nakbah, the Palestinian catastrophe, he was responsible for personnel and arms purchases. Basically, he bought the weapons that killed thousands of Palestinians. He is directly responsible of the 700,000 Palestinians who exiled to neighboring countries. Today, more than 5 million Palestinian refugees are out of their own country, because of Shimon Peres and his terrorist friends, including mastermind Ben Gurion.

Camp of Sabra / Chatia, Beirut.
© Hassan Chamoun

Peres held many ministerial positions, and from early on, he was involved in Israel defense policies, he helped buying substantial weapons from France in the 50’s as Director-General of the Ministry of Defense. From 1959 to 1965, he was deputy defense minister. In 1974, he became Minister of Defense. He developed Israel nuclear capabilities.

In the 90’s, he directly participated in  the so called peace deal, the Oslo Accords, between Israel and Palestine. The Accords didn’t properly address the Palestinian right of return, it just postponed the issue.

As Prime Minister, Peres started the “Operation Grapes of Wrath”, an intense war against Lebanon which culminated with the Qana Massacre, where 106 Lebanese civilians died when they were sheltering in an UN compound. He later addressed the massacre: “Everything was done according to clear logic and in a responsible way, I am at peace”. The war intentionally bombed Shia villages in South Lebanon. According to the official Air Force website [in Hebrew], the “operation” was described as “Massive bombing of the Ahia villages in South Lebanon in order to cause a flow of civilians north, toward Beirut, thus applying pressure on Syria and Lebanon to restrain Hezbollah”.

All his life, Shimon Peres lived as a war criminal, he didn’t deserve to die in a hospital, just as Ariel Sharon.

He should have rotten and died in a prison, just like every war criminal.

Palestinian, Lebanese and all people that were oppressed by him celebrate his death, including myself.

Good riddance.

Author: Hassan Chamoun. 

Israel and USA are still best friends (despite it all)

Israel will receive the long expected 10 year pact military aid offered by the US.

The US administration military aid  Israel is an all-time record, Israel will at least receive $38 billions over the next 10 years. Israel will get at least $3.8 billion a year, up from $3.1 billion it is currently receiving under the current deal that expires in 2018.

Israel has made so-called concessions. Netanyahu initially sought $4.5 billion a year and Israel agreed not to seek and lobby the American congress for further missile defense funds during the 10 years pack. The latter “concession” is likely to be flexible, according to Reuters, as Israel could lobby the US during wars or other major crisis. In other words, when Israel is relentlessly bombing the besieged Gaza strip or Lebanon, Israel can receive a boost from the US, besides the record annual military aid.

The 10 years deal helps immensely Israel. The country will continue to receive a subsequent military aid regardless of the next US president and his or her policy on Israel.


The aid shows and proves that last year “tense” relationship between Obama and Netanyahu wasn’t enough to shake up and undermine Israel and US special relationship. Netanyahu visited the congress in March 2015 and expressed his strong opposition to the Iran deal in a speech praised with 26 standing ovations from congressmen and women. The speech was boycotted by dozens of Democrats. Netanyahu visited the congress after a Republican invitation that bypassed the White House authority. Obama refused to meet Netanyahu.

The US and Israel are still best friends despite last year cold confrontation between Obama and Netanyahu. The catchphrase “Follow the money” has never been more meaningful.

Obama legacy won’t be the disastrous Nobel Peace Prize he received for “ending” the occupation of Iraq, nor the Iran deal. His “legacy” will be directly felt by millions of people in the Middle-East, from (at least) 2018 to 2028, when Israel and American bombs will be dropped on their heads.