You might have seen their security guards, in white shirts with the logo G4S.

G4S is a global company that provide security solutions. In Lebanon they deliver many solutions such as cash solutions and manned solutions.

But in Israel it’s a whole other story, they help the Israeli zionist regime to continue their ideology of apartheid and oppression against Palestinians.

From the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement website G4S “helps Israel to operate prisons at which Palestinian political prisoners are held without trial and subjected to torture. G4S also provides equipment and services to illegal Israeli settlements, Israel’s apartheid Wall and the Israeli military.”

Few days ago, after BDS pressure in Jordan, UNCHR dropped its contract with G4S in the country and people overwhelmingly called for the UN to drop all the contracts with the security company because the latter violates international law.


“The #UNdropG4S campaign has set up a web page that makes it easy for people to write to the UN to voice their concerns and are urging people to join a Thunderclap social media action.”

In June 2014, G4S announced that it does not intend to renew its contract with the Israeli Prison Service when it expires in 2017, adds the BDS website in a campaign timeline. Earlier, the Bill Gates foundation sold its entire state in G4S, costing $170M after wide pressure.

Why doesn’t the Lebanese state do anything to completely stop G4S in Lebanon ?

It is time we target companies in Lebanon that work with G4S and pressure them so that they drop their contracts. These companies are indirectly complicit with Israeli crimes.

More to come.


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  1. The vile imperialism of the “EU, Us, and Russia” together with their idiot talking puppet – UN. England and France dismembered and obliterated the Ottoman empire land holdings in the Middle East. Greater Syria comprised the land territories of Lebanon Syria Jordan and Israel. France took as its shares of the destroyed Ottoman empire: Lebanon and Syria following WW1. British imperialism swallowed Jordan Israel and Iraq. Prior to WW1 British imperialism absorbed all of Egypt into the British empire.

    After Jews expelled the limey British from Israel, Britain returned the League of Nations awarded “mandate” territories of Jordan and Israel back to the UN. The name Palestine served as the designated British label which distinguished their imperialist land grabbing from that of the French frogs imperialism; French cruelty and barbarism in Algeria to Vietnam proves that these frog barbarians who appear as cultured humans – when in fact frog French compare more closely with SS sub human Nazis.

    Following the Arab invasion and defeat in Israel’s war of Independence in 1948, Jordan annexed East Jerusalem and the “west bank”/Samaria as part of Jordan and the limey British piglets approved and endorsed the Jordanian nationalization unto Jordan of these territories. Yet the hypocrite limey British fags then condemn Israel for occupying “Palestinian” territories following the Israeli victory in the 6 Day War in 1967. [ExCusse ME, when did Jordan become Palestine?] The US, France, and Britain denounced the Israeli victory in that short war and these vile imperialist states of contempt flashed their naked lust to dominate the Middle East; the Israeli victory challenged their domination: labelled as: maintaining a balance of power in the Middle East. Immediately after the defeat of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan [Recall: Jordan attacked Israel and lost that war which they initiated], the Quartet barbarian imperialist States passed through the Security Counsel UN Resolution 242. This stinking UN Criminal Front, serves as fig leaf camouflage hiding US, British, and French international imperialism – the Security Council, dominated by these evil empires, declared that the US France Britain and other Security Council super states, that THEY and not Israel determines the borders of the Jewish State!

    The USA entered into the European tradition of invading conquering and stealing the national wealth of foreign countries – imperialism in one word – on steroids following WW2. According to Ron Paul: head of the Foreign relations committee in Congress in 2008, the US has military bases in over 157 countries. How did the American Republic transform into the Pax American Empire? From Truman till Obozo the shoe shine boy today – the nigger in the White House – US foreign policy and strategic thinking stands upon 2 legs; the Containment Policy and the Marshal Plan. The 2 state solution serves as the primary tactical plow by which US imperialism justifies invading foreign countries. Recall the US division of Korea and Vietnam into 2 States and the wars that immediately ensued! The Marshal Plan: US foreign aid. The US gives foreign aid to all countries which agree to accept this economic drug; US economic imperialism compares to opium which Britain forced China to consume in the 19th century. Recall the arrogance of the wicked European imperialist states who carved up China into “spheres of influence” among themselves! These vile bigot Super States justified their human slaughter through the superiority of the ‘White Man’s burden’ to rule over the dark skinned peoples of the world.

    The pre-condition by which the US agrees to give foreign aid to all countries, from 1946 – the year of the establish of the UN, till today – that all countries whose governments agree to become Banana Republics and accept these bribe moneyies … the 1% which profits by accepting Foreign imperialist domination of their national economies, must likewise swallow the worm baited hook of Washington’s largess, to the stationing of US military bases in their countries.

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