Lebanon has witnessed a terrible garbage crisis for more than 3 months now, this marathon is a joke to all the people suffering from bad smell and toxic waste.

Dead rats have been piling up under garbage, attracting a major fly infection in Beirut, Achrafieh, reported the Daily Star. And yet the organisers and partners have the nerve to allow this event. The officials partner, such as the Beirut Municipality, should have stood against the marathon.

This marathon is a lie, a Public Relations stunt for this country, a way to say that Lebanon is a “normal” country, in a normal situation, when it’s absolutely not.

Voices criticising the marathon could be found online and from inside the marathon itself.


The campaign “Badna Nhassib” or “We want Accountability” used the slogan : “No one is faster than cholera”, warning of the deadly sickness that has been spreading in the Middle East, notably Iraq.


Publiée par ‎بدنا نحاسب‎ sur Dimanche 8 novembre 2015

It’s a shame that the prime minister runs for cameras, for lies, when he accused the viral videos of garbage rivers to be fabricated. 

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  1. We’re living in complete denial, how can they cancel the marathon?

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