Pictures: Beirut engulfed by unprecedented sandstorm.

A sandstorm, originating and blowing from Iraq, hit Lebanon Monday 7th of September. The country today is still engulfed by the sandstorm, the areas most hit are the northern eastern parts of this country, Hermel, Akkar, the Bekaa.

The sandstorm is obviously dangerous, as pointed out the Lebanese Red Cross.

“LRC called on citizens who have asthma to stay indoors.”

“We advise citizens who suffer from asthma to stay home,” Lebanese Red Cros wrote on its official Twitter account.” (Daily Star)

Twitter users has also shared advises on how to protect oneself against the sandstorm.

The sandstorm will subside tomorrow.

IMG_2593 IMG_2584 IMG_2572 IMG_2567 IMG_2564 copy IMG_2557


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