I filmed this video the 28th of August, before the huge mass demonstration of the 29th.

Nibal Abdel Khalek were brutally beaten and arrested for more than three days by the Lebanese police. His crime? He was passing near the police force. He was arrested around 11:30PM on the 23rd of August.

Dozens of protesters were treated like Nibal Abdel Khalek, brutalized by the state. It’s as if the authorities wanted to send a message to the protesters, to dissuade them.

Here’s what Nibal wrote on his facebook profile after his release.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who checked on me. I got arrested 4 days ago while protesting against the corruptions that are taking place in my country. I got attacked by the police and beat up badly. I was bleeding for two days in a small jail cell with no medical assistance. I was very mistreated. I had no access to my phone or my basic rights and was not allowed to contact any of my family members. I did not know if anyone knows where I am.

I got released last night. I want to thank every single person who tried to help getting me released.

I had two choices, either leave the country like many or stand up for my rights.



Here’s the video of his story. (I misspelled his name, it’s NIBAL, not Nidal).

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