Khader Adnan is a Palestinian currently held by the Israeli authorities in what’s called an “Administrative detention”. It means he can be held and imprisoned without charge or trial.

Since 1999, Khader Adnan has been held 6 years in total in Israeli prison.

He is starving himself because hunger strike is his last resort, his last legitimate weapon against Israel abuses. It isn’t the first time that Khader Adnan uses this peaceful method, he starved himself in 2012 to protest his “administrative detention”. Only after international attention, he was released.

B’tselem, an Israeli Human Rights group, said in March that 412 Palestinians were held in the same circumstances, without charge or trial. Israel can choose and jail the Palestinians it wants without any form of justice.

His wife Randa laments the lack of mobilization in support of Khader Adnan although it has been more than 30 days since he began the strike, reports the Electronic Intifada.

“[During] the last time, serious protests on the ground began only after the 45th day of his hunger strike and after he was nearing [danger to his life]. We cannot wait so long this time,” she said.

Khader Adnan with his kids just after his release in 2012.

His father also laments the lack of support from the Palestinian authorities. Here’s what he said to the Electronic Intifada  “We received messages of support from people in Aleppo who are under shelling. We received messages of support from Homs and Yarmouk refugee camp; from Ireland where they know very well what it means to starve for freedom. But we got no word whatsoever from the PA or the ministry of prisoners,” He believe it’s the fear of the PA, and not Israel, that simmer down the support of Khader Adnan.

Khader Adnan has been forcibly hospitalized and chained in his bed, Harretz, an Israeli Newspaper reported.

Musa, who is refusing to undergo medical tests, objected to his hospitalization because he knew he would be chained to the bed, according to his attorney, Jawad Boulus. Boulus visited him last Wednesday, when he was still at the Israel Prison Service clinic in Ramle.

In 2012, when Adnan was almost freed, Israel has pledged not to renew his detention if there is not strong evidence, today, it renewed it, and today, Adnan renewed his hunger strike. We see no evidence from the Israeli authorities.

Adnan, a peaceful baker, starves himself for freedom and dignity.

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