Liberation Day: 15 years ago Israel fled Lebanon.

This day is an important day for the history of Lebanon and the region.

For the first time, an Arab country drove out effectively the IDF from its land, destroying the myth of Israel indestructibility.

I remember the day with some vivid pictures, even if I was a young kid back then. My family and I lived elsewhere, but Lebanese tv’s were available. My father announced to me with a lot of joy that Israel was out of Lebanon and that the “Muqawama” or militants drove them out.

2 or 3 years after that, I visited the Khiam prison, an Israeli prison that jailed resistants in the Khiam department of South Lebanon. Israel, in its rush to flee the country, let the prisoners in their cells. Families, citizens came to rescue and liberate them. This liberation was recorded on video.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch reported the use of torture and other serious human rights abuses in the facility. During summer 2006 aggression against Lebanon, Israel bombed the prison, almost like it wanted to remove the traces of its torture and the memory of its defeat.

But here am I, like millions of Lebanese, remembering its crimes and its defeat. Israel, we will never forget.

Beaufort IDF northern military post (1995) 

And yet, Israel hasn’t completely moved out, it still occupies a pice of Lebanon’s land that includes the Chebaa farms. Today, Lebanon reiterates its right to liberate those occupied lands.

A lot of Lebanese, I believe, think that Lebanon lost the war in 2006. Let me tell you this, a loss isn’t measured in destruction and death, it is not the most destructed country that looses, but it is the country that resists that wins. Israel destroyed Lebanon in 2006, and yet here we stand, defiant, resistant to its never-ending oppression. Israel didn’t bend Lebanon’s knee, but it will try again to do so, with all means possible. Recently Israel defence minister dared to threaten Lebanese civilians, including kids.

Today, it is the Hezbollah Flag that waves at the top of the Beaufort castle, not Israel’s.

I am grateful to all forms of rightful and legitimate resistant groups, whether leftists or religious, it is thanks to them that we live today in dignity and freedom, not in subjugation, in apartheid or in a blockade.

One thought on “Liberation Day: 15 years ago Israel fled Lebanon.”

  1. Keep thinking you won. Keep thinking you CAN win following a cult of hate and death. I would think of these as your golden years because soon the US will go home and Israel will fall and so will your nation because your culture does not support peace or tolerance and you will look back and wish you had the “bad old days” back.

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