Unemployment and emigration, a logical union for Lebanese youth.

If you live in Lebanon, you have surely heard how the young adults of the country want to leave it for other better economies. You probably know someone, a member of your family, a friend, that decided to leave the country because of its bad economic and political situation. But how bad is the economical situation for the young Lebanese?

Looking at this simple data from a tweet of UN Lebanon, one can quickly conclude that it’s pretty bad.

Unemployment in : 34% of youth, 14% of college graduates, 23,000 young people enter workforce yearly vs. only 3400 new jobs.

The data mentioned above come from the World Bank.

34% of youth are unemployed, for a young country like Lebanon, this represents a huge number. 1/3 of every young adult is jobless! Here’s the age structure of Lebanon. 15-24 years: 17.2% (male 515,591/female 493,879)
25-54 years: 44.1% (male 1,309,544/female 1,283,074).

Not surprisingly, those who have graduate are less likely to be jobless. But I believe the time to find a job is pretty long because of the huge workforce that enter yearly the economy.

The government is of course aware of the really bad numbers. It is time for it to act upon this data if it doesn’t want the Lebanese youth to be completely drained out. It must create jobs, not just talk about it.

It is time for the government to look upon this rates and postpone their geopolitical questions and matters to look at the INSIDE issues of Lebanon.

2 thoughts on “Unemployment and emigration, a logical union for Lebanese youth.”

  1. Why would the gov want to do that? There’s been an active plan to dissolve the lebanese state for decades, and most recently succeeded by annihilating the workforce and any form of revolution backed up by tech and social media.

    1. I don’t think there’s an active plan except in the Civil War to divide the state.
      The government is just not looking at the real issues.
      What do you mean by tech and social media?

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