It is the new insult. “You’re just a conspiration theorist!, Think!”

I have a theory on why we, the Middle Eastern people, (Arabs and non-Arabs, Muslim and non-Muslim) have so much ease with calling every new terrorist group the work of the USA administration and CIA. It has pushed some Arabic channels to claim that Hillary Clinton admitted to have created IS. (Which is completely untrue) etc.
IS and the general turmoil was born directly because of US presence in Iraqi soil but it was not their creation.

But why are we so quick to call the American government the doer of everything evil in the Middle East? Because USA and CIA have so much directly mingled in foreign governments and affairs that it is almost the first reaction we have.

Here’s an exhaustive list of every direct involvement of CIA and co.

Syria 1949.
Iran 1953
Guatemala 1954
Tibet 1955-1970.
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959
Iraq 1960-1963
Democratic Republic of Congo 1960-1965
Dominican Republic 1961
South Vietnam 1963
Brazil 1964
Ghana 1966
Chile 1970-1973
Argentina 1976
Afghanistan 1979-1989
Turkey 1980
Nicaragua 1981-1990
Iraq 1992-1996
Venezuela 2002
Iran 2005-Present
Syria 2012-Present

That’s without counting the direct interventions here and there. US and their coalition interventionism in the Middle East has killed more than 4 millions of people since 1990. 

After the fall of empires, a new strategy needed to be implemented. Emperors/Presidents couldn’t just invade countries and cut the heads of the subjugated leaders. So they install heads of government they like and topple the ones they don’t like.

Next time someone tells you that you’re just crazy, tell him okay, maybe, but just show him this list and remind him that you won’t be super confident with regimes that killed 4 millions people in 25 years…

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