Why Lebanon should stand against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.

Lebanon official stance regarding the Saudi-Led coalition and intervention against Houthis in Yemen have been neither in favour of the coalition nor against it. Here’s why we should stand against it.

Saudi Arabia, backed militarily by a coalition of 8 countries and supported by the USA, began bombing Houthis positions the 25th of March. The latter militant group had ousted the Yemeni president Hadi, backed by international nations and the GCC. Hadi has been elected by consensus in 2012, with 99.8 of votes going for him. His “election” was an agreement for the succession from the former president, Saleh, ousted by the Yemeni popular uprising of 2011-2012.

The war is often simplified as a sectarian war and a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, there’s a little bit of truth in that but the issue is far more complex. Here’s an excellent article from the Washington Post on why it should not be considered as so : The limits of the ‘sectarian’ framing in Yemen. The ongoing conflicts between the Houthis and their opponents must be considered as political and social.

Lebanon official position have been cautious and unclear, yesterday, during the Arab League summit, Salam avoided taking a stance regarding the intervention, it may be seen as wise because of the already divided government regarding the issue.

But by principal, the Lebanese state should be against any intervention, without aligning itself with Iran nor Saudi Arabia. It should remain independent and free of political alliance in the region. The country is enough divided due to the Syrian complex civil war and Hezbollah intervention in following these alliances.

First, it is inconceivable and ironic that Saad al Hariri, that participated in the ousting of the Syrian army in 2005, supports today the Saudi intervention in Yemen. I know it’s about political alliances and allegiance but Hariri should stand against any kind of intervention, especially when the Syrian intervention during the Lebanese civil War didn’t accomplish a thing, transforming the country into a playground between Israel and Syria. After the end of the civil war, a lot of Lebanese suffered from the influence of the Syrian intelligence, the Mukhabarat and the occupation of the Syrian Arab army.
A country that wishes to stay sovereign and free of any political influence should want the same for any other country and should be antimilitarist and anti interventionist.
The fact that Saad el-Hariri and subsequently March 14 complains and condemns Hezbollah intervention in Syria and then applauds the Saudi intervention is hypocrite and should not be ignored.

Hezbollah strongly condemned the Saudi Arabian coalition and intervention, good, but it is also hypocrite due to their foreign intervention in Syria. It may have helped Lebanon security by ousting terrorists further from the boundaries, but let’s not ignore the fact that the intervention was essentially political and its main goal is to maintain Assad in power.

Lebanon in general should be against any kind of military invasion and intervention, has it forgot that it was occupied by the Israelis during 18 years? Does it want the same for other nations? Do some people really think that the complex situation of Yemen will improve by adding more bombs and chaos into the chaos? That absolute and constitutional monarchies and a military republic will improve the rights of Yemeni and install a “democracy”? I don’t believe so.

By being against every intervention, Lebanon may transform into a real neutral country and truly be called the “Switzerland of the Middle East.”

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