UAE expel 70 Lebanese families and Hezbollah gets blamed.

UAE decided to expel 70 families, mostly shiites, l’Orient Le-Jour has reported. Gebran Bassil, Foreign minister of Lebanon, has confirmed the news yesterday night.

UAE gave them 24 hours to pack up and leave the Emirati states.

The decision is still unrevealed, but it is very probable that it’s political, and probably sectarian due to the fact that most of the families are Shiites.

This comes after the Bahraini authorities have watched and interrogated Lebanese shiites, after Hassan Nasrallah strong stance against the Bahrain kingdom in one of his latest speech.

L’Orient Le Jour implied that the intense and bad relations between Hezbollah and the Golf countries may be behind this initiative. Comments quickly appeared on the website and some have already blamed Hezbollah and Iran.

Pierre Hadjigeorgiou commented :

Ils s’attendaient a quoi les nouveaux impérialistes Perses? Ils se mêlent de ce qui ne les regardent pas, s’immiscent dans les affaires des autres, participent a et provoquent des guerres meurtrières et ils croient que les autres vont se taire? Laisser faire? Eh bien non, ils ne vont pas laisser les choses allez comme cela. Ils vont nous faire chier aussi. Résultat, des familles entières vont en payer le prix…

My Translation : Why did they expect those new Persians imperialists ? They mingled in others business, participated and provoke new wars, you think they’ll [UAE] will remain silent? They won’t let it happen. They will also piss us off. So entiere families will pay the price.

This comment, I speculate, represent many voices in Lebanon.

Here’s my answer : first, there’s been 0 report that tie directly these Lebanese families to Hezbollah, nor they were engaged in any operation there. If some are supportive of Hezbollah, that doesn’t make them anyway a political tool in the hands of UAE. Expelling families because they’re “pissed off” of a political group they don’t agree with is never justifiable unless it has been proven that all these families members (woman and children) are all directly linked to acts that Harm UAE.

When USA deported and “interned” 120.000 Japanese after the Pearl Harbor attack, who’s to blame ? The Japanese imperialists? Pear Harbor attack ? Or the racism of the USA authorities at that time ?

I myself witnessed Lebanese families that live in fear because of these deportations threats and their sects. They didn’t feel they’re victims of Hezbollah, but victims the often racist stance of the Arab kingdoms, especially Saudi Arabia, the latter religious authorities consider Shiites as apostates and has often persecuted them.

The only party to blame here is the “Modern” United Arab Emirates and their political punishment.

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  1. It has nothing to do with Shia3a or Hizbulah, that’s what they want you to think. It’s deporting the Lebanese whatever sect they are full stop.

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