We can all agree that “Celebratory Gunfire” Must Stop.

14th February was the 10th year death Anniversary of Ex PM Rafiq Hariri. His son, Saad al Hariri, was giving an exclusive speech from BIEL. As the speech began, I’ve heard three loud booms. My mother thought that it was a bombing, I thought it was just a big firework for Saads’ Speech, but as I rushed to my windows and watch those fireworks, I saw nothing, just the darkness of the night. No doubt about it, the loud bang was due to rockets (RPG’s?) fired towards the sky.

Weeks ago, I heard the same sound, it was less loud but I didn’t ask myself about its origin, I knew it was a rocket because I saw the smoke of its explosion in the air. Sayed Hassan Nasrallah was giving a highly anticipated speech after the Qunaitra operation.

Those very intensive gunfire are quite new, before 2013 I didn’t witness them. The first time I remember it was that intense was back in 2013, during 25th May speech of Hezbollah secretary, when he first spoke publicly about the Qusayr battle and Hezbollah deep involvement in Syria.

When Assad won the elections the gunfire was restless ; 31st August, rockets fired by Amal supporters shook up my windows.
The 14th February of this year was the first time I hear rocket bombings from March 14 supporters. I believe that this is some sort of response or competition. This must stop.

Not only those gunfire are tribal, primitive and lame, they are also dangerous. Celebratory gunfire isn’t just political. Every New Years’s Eve hundreds of bullets are fired towards the sky. They have killed and wounded.

And by the way, if you keep firing 20 minutes into some leader’s speech, how the heck do you hear him speaking ?

I am glad that Hezbollah officially asked from its followers to stop those senseless gunfire, and before yesterday’s Hezbollah leader speech, no gunfire were heard (well I didn’t). But how long this calm will be kept ? It isn’t the first time Hezbollah publicly condemned those celebratory gunfire.

I hope that Mustaqbal and Hezbollah put a full stop to this very bad habit. They must bring this to their current discussions and follow their very welcomed initiative of putting down Political slogans.

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