Facebook runs ads for illegal settlements in Israel.

The settlements of Israel and their very fast expansion is illegal and could amount to a war crime under international law. A year ago, a UN report said that Israel could be prosecuted for war crimes over settlements.

The settlements contravened the Fourth Geneva Convention forbidding the transfer of civilian populations into occupied territory and could amount to war crimes that fall under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations report said.

                                                                   A woman hold a sign to protest the illegal settlements.

Facebook running illegal ads :

When Facebook runs ads for illegal settlements in Israel, it directly calls for the transfer of civilian populations, which is forbidden under the 4th Geneva convention ; the latter is completely ignored by Israel, but should not be ignored by Facebook. Facebook should ban these ads that are responsible for the discrimination of Palestinians and the destructive apartheid.

The ads run by Facebook are even banned by their policy. “Ads must not contain or promote illegal products or services” is found on their ad guidelines websites. Facebook must follow its own rules and ban those illegal ads.

Lately a petition has been circulated by Bradford activists, demanding Facebook to ban the ads.

David Humphreys, a member of the Bradford group, said: “We find it outrageous that any social platform could allow adverts from occupied Palestinian lands when most of the world’s institutions have condemned the illegal occupation of land.”

“People are always concerned about the atrocities in Palestine but because the mainstream media does not report such activities. It is via social media that we get our news. People feel passionately about this cause and will take action once they find out the situation.

Facebook has already banned illegal ads in the past so it shouldn’t refrain to ban illegal settlements ads.

Also, remember that an international firm operation in Lebanon. Re/Max is selling exclusively to Jews in Occupied East Jerusalem, which is not only illegal under international law but racist and discriminatory.

Help by signing the petition and demand that Facebook bans those unacceptable ads.

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