France crackdowns on Free Speech following Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Earlier this month, the world were shocked because  of the attack on Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. The succeeding days were terrifying for French citizens, as two hostages operations were happening at the same time. One resulted with the death of four French Jews in a Kosher market.

The following Sunday, Millions of Frenchmen took the street to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and with Freedom of expression. But of course there were debates about the limits of it.

And in France, there is a limit, you do not touch or mock the Jews. Manuel Valls said it : “You do not confound Freedom of speech with Antisemitism”. Few years ago, a cartoonist from…Charlie Hebdo were fired because he mocked the marriage of Jean Sarkozy (son of then French President) with a Jew.

But that’s to sum it up.

I didn’t mention the very shallow “pens vs guns”, rendering the whole attack an attack on freedom of speech, omitting the context, the American invasion, the French bombings on Iraq. I didn’t mention “The West civilisation loving freedom and the backward Middle East civilisation that could not understand what it is” the shameless debates that happened after the attack. A journalist with too much boldness asked the family of Ahmed, the French Muslim policemen killed cowardly by the extremists. “What did you think about Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Prophet Muhamad ?” Silence were the answer.

I didn’t mention a French speaker that shamelessly blamed Islam on the attack, saying that the Muslims installed “shit” in France. I didn’t mention the dozens of Islamophobic attacks that were barely mentioned in the French Media.

But what happened next is the most interesting, the French government responded to the attack with more surveillance, more “vigilance”, to conclude, less freedom. It arrested dozens of persons following the attack, blaming them for “apologie du terrorisme”, terrorism apologia or justification. Seems great on paper, but it isn’t when the French police questions a 8 years old child.

It consequently jailed dozens of people because of ironic comments on Terrorism and Charlie Hebdo, one notably for France begins jailing people for ironic comments  online.

A 16-year-old high school student was taken into police custody on Thursday and indicted for “defending terrorism,” national broadcaster France 3 reports.

His alleged crime? He posted on Facebook a cartoon “representing a person holding the magazine Charlie Hebdo, being hit by bullets, and accompanied by an ‘ironic’ comment,” France 3 states.

The picture is heartless, but it’s an answer to Charlie Hebdo front page following the massacre of Muslims brothers after Sisi’s coup.

The government crackdown on freedom of speech is very hypocrite, especially for a nation that was proudly celebrating freedom of speech. It is dangerous because it antagonises the Muslims in France, already blamed by the very well-listened Eric Zemmour, that suggested that the Muslim people of France could be very well deported from the country. The crackdown were criticised by Amnesty.

More dangerously, it calls for normal citizens to be vigilant, to observe any “weird” behaviour and report it. The behaviour that could lead to the “Jihadist radicalisation” are on the following picture.

How bad can it get ?

What if a Muslim wanted to have a diet, so he changes “radically” his way of eating, but he also like the traditional clothing of his own country, so he wears it from time to time, what if he stops listening to music because he thinks it’s better off?

After the damage is done it adds. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that a radicalisation is happening, but if you have doubts, call this number ! The official website claims that the extremists comes out from every culture, religion, poor or rich, etc, it washes its hands off the amalgam, stereotype it’s already creating and already creates in the media.

Les jeunes qui ont été endoctrinés et convaincus de partir sont issus de tous les départements, de tous les milieux, favorisés comme défavorisés, urbains comme ruraux, des centres-villes comme des banlieues.

My translation : The youths that are indoctrinated and convinced of going [to Jihad] are from all departments, from all environments [classes], favoured as unfavored, urban as rural, from downtowns as suburbs.

So much for calming down the country’s situation. So much from freedom of speech.

France is transforming into a country where vigilance, the fear of the other, the suspicions, the crackdowns will likely become common language.

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