Why “American Sniper” won’t get a single dollar from me.

American Sniper is a movie based on the life of Chris Kyle, the “Most Lethal Sniper in US Military history”. Chris Kyle served multiple times in Iraq during the 2003 “War”. He killed 255 persons, 160 of them confirmed.

Iraq war was officially done on the 18th December of 2011. But its destructive repercussions and consequences still continue until today and will probably continue for years.

Here’s a few numbers. 

The Iraq Body Count project (IBC project), incorporating subsequent reports, has reported that by the end of the major combat phase up to April 30, 2003, 7,419 civilians had been killed, primarily by U.S. air-and-ground forces.

In a few weeks, US forces managed to kill 7419 civilians. By the end of the war and because of the consequences of the USA invasion, 105,052 to 114,731 violent civilians deaths (January 2012) were recorded by Iraqi Body Count.

Chris Kyle.

Chris Kyle was a violent killer, he may have killed insurgents and “bad guys” in the eyes of Americans. But these “bad guys” just didn’t like thousands of invaders in their country. The Extremist insurgency, that I completely reject because of its nature, was a natural response to the US invasion and the dissolution of the Iraqi army.

American Sniper is based on the Chris Kyle autobiography called : American Sniper: the Autobiography of the Most Lethal sniper in US Military History. 

Rania Khalek, a journalist, tweeted multiple excerpts from the book revealing the nature of Chris Kyle.

Chris Kyle think that the world is a black and white painting, Civilisation versus Savages, Good vs Bad. Guess where he thought he was standing.

Apparently, Chris Kyle killings were fun. He didn’t think that he was in fact the invader and the insurgents were trying to defend themselves, he was doing GOOD.

Chris Kyle is the great american Hero, he was actually helping Iraqis with all those deaths ! How can they dare to respond when they toppled the other bad guy Saddam!

Chris Kyle also were in a competition to kill more than his other friend sniper.

Where’s the harm in killing more persons when it’s killing bad guys ? Should I add #sarcasm here?

To topple it, Chris Kyle were much of an Islamophobic killer. “Christianism had evolved, Islam did not”

Why should I pay money, sit passively in front of a screen to watch American cow boys killing bad arabs while eating popcorn?

It’s not just a “movie”, it does play in people minds and does send a message. And the message is very clear and very counterproductive. Us vs Them. Civilisation Vs Savages. It does make people want to have fun and kill “Arab Savages”

I won’t even comment those.

Hollywood and the American army liaison. 

If a director or a producer wants to get weapons and warplanes for their movie, all they have to do is ask the Pentagon. The Pentagon will grant them their needs ONLY after reading the entire scrip and making sure that the actual movie doesn’t make the American army look bad. I wonder if American Sniper got the okay from the Pentagon, most probably yes.

The Pentagon liaison officers in Los Angeles primarily provide expertise for films, but they also lend their expertise to television shows, documentaries, and video games. But all their support is conditional. Capt. Russell Coons, director of the Navy Office of Information West, said that his office turns down 95 percent of what comes in.

“Because in most cases it doesn’t represent our core values,” Coons said. “We’re not going to support a program that disgraces a uniform or presents us in a compromising way.”

Generally, the Navy, like the other service branches, will only endorse scripts or productions that showcase U.S. military values that the Pentagon wants to promote: honour, courage and commitment. “Top Gun,” for example, the 1986 film about a cocky young pilot made good, starring Tom Cruise, used Navy crewmen as its pilot and aircrew onboard at least two aircraft carriers, one in San Diego and one in the Pacific Ocean.

The Pentagon acts as a censor even before the filming takes place. If one US citizen wants to criticise his own army while depicting them, he’s going to have a hard time.

Here’s two movies that I recommend though, Full Metal Jacket and Dr Strangelove from Kubrick. Watch the director showing what a war is really about, Nonsense and Absurdity.

Putting myself in Iraqi civilians shoes. 

If I were an Iraqi person that lost members of his family, I would be shocked and I wouldn’t understand. Why do people need to watch heroised killings and consequently think that the Iraq war were that simple ? Why don’t they consider that dozens of thousands of civilians died ? The lives and dreams destroyed ? Why should the Arabs  and people of conscious go watch a movie that transform us into savages ? Why should the invader should be considered as the good guy ?…

My Answer : I don’t know, but that’s why American Sniper won’t get a dollar from me.

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  1. If those who were killed are evil you may think the sniper is on the right track, considering the Americans are in these countries to exploit resources, and are invaders, to kill in such a fashion taking in account the risk here of the sniper being found on a level playing field, is unlikely, the aspect of the power of cultural conditioning is extraordinary in its insidious ability of mind control turning good into evil and evil into goodness

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