#JusticeForYves : No more guns in criminal hands.

I read up the story of Yves Nawfal on Elie Fare’s blog. What an awful way to die. To sum the story up, Yves Nawfal and another man, Charbel Khalil, got in a fight for a woman. Now, this happens all the time, even in what you may call “civilised” countries, the difference here is that Khalil had a gun.

The fight, supposedly resolved, continued outside the pub ‘Powder’ in Faraya. Khalil managed to block the road, but it was reopened. Soon after, Charbel, his “pride” hurt, fired on Nawfal’s car with a semi-automatic gun, killing him with 4 bullets.

Charbel isn’t caught, he hid under the wing of a “very influential” figure in Keserwan, a politician. Police searched in Charbel homes, but will they search for the politician that hid him ? I believe the Police already knows who this godfather is and won’t stop this man above the law. Soon, Charbel will probably be out in his jungle playing with his guns. Worse, Charbel already acted the same year last year.

Charbel Khalil did a similar thing to another victim last year and was not arrested for it. He was not thrown in jail, in which case Yves would have still been alive and his mother wouldn’t be grieving now, and social media wouldn’t be seething over such a heinous crime taking place just because the murderer is so influential he could get away with murder.

Also, if there were no guns in these irresponsible hands, I believe Nawfal chance of survival would have been much higher, and both of them, Khalil and Nawfal, would have gone home with few bruises. I want to believe that.

Charbel Khalil is just a sample from politician’s young proteges, I am sure Khalil is just one of the hundreds young adults protected by the political parties above the law, left or right. A protege will always get “cleared” with a very powerful entourage.

Politicians that allow such things, and believe they are above the law, must be stopped by the police. And if the police won’t do it, it is time to reform such forces. “Hey Maybe with new respectable parties!”

Guns must not be allowed in civilians hands, warrant or not. Too much guns are on the hands of people without any valable reason.

I also believe that Justice must be done by the responsible forces, no “manhunt” should be conducted by civilians for the killing of Nawfal.

It is time all those killers and murderers to get in prison.

Yves Nawfal, Rest in Peace, we will remember you.

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