Gad el Maleh DVD selling at Virgin Megastore Lebanon.

I used to be a huge fan of Gad el Maleh and bought a ticket for his spectacle “Papa est en Haut” back in 2009. Ticket that I never used because he was boycotted and banned in Lebanon. I am not writing to debate his ban because it was never clear.

Whether we should accept a celebrity that openly supports Israel is another debate.

I was walking in a Virgin Mega Store and his DVD “Papa est en Haut” was there. Isn’t a bit weird to ban his spectacle and yet allow the selling of his DVD ?

It shows how inconsistent and incoherent is our country with the so-called boycott of “Israeli agents”.

PS : I have never heard raising voices against HP or Caterpillar who directly help the Israeli occupation and the Apartheid.


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