Fellow Lebanese : Stop Blaming Yourselves.

You are driving your car and the light is clearly green, you can pass without fearing for your life. Yet another driver crosses and you almost crash.

Very loudly and clearly, you insult the driver, the donkeys of this country and how tired you are of the impolite citizens, you ask yourself : is it that complicated to respect lights ? Is it hard to think Green = Go and Red = Stop ?

Maya Zankoul Comic.

It is not about the civilians and their tendency to violate clear rules, it is the lack of government and institution control.

A Lebanese person won’t act like this in another country, it is not our nature to be irresponsible and reckless, as many will say and repeat. In another country, the consequence is very clear, fast, and direct, you will get fined, probably a sum you didn’t expect and the message is here : Act irresponsibly and you will face consequences.

Don’t blame the civilians that are only profiting, maybe unconsciously, about the lack of control in this country.

We must blame the lack of control, and demand more concrete actions from the government, not insult each others. With control, we could make our roads and lives better.


One thought on “Fellow Lebanese : Stop Blaming Yourselves.

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