#NotoExtension لاللتمديد# Lebanon

“My” Lebanese parliament, the one supposed to represent us, the Lebanese citizens, may extend their mandate for the second time in two years. It is a shame.

I really don’t care about the “political factors” of the vote. I am a citizen of a presumed democracy, I am 21, I want my vote, my rights.

What is a democracy when elections are questioned, when some members want to extend the mandate. Legal or not, I want my vote, my rights.

Enough with playing with Lebanese citizens, enough with playing in the name of democracy or security, I want my vote, my rights.

Enough with the same faces, the same problems, the endless vicious circle. I want change, new parties, new laws, a new way of life, the vote might not bring them. But I want my vote, my rights.

Respect the constitution.


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