48 rules to be a Better Lebanese and citizen.

Hello, here’s how you could be a nice fellow. Just follow those rules, quite easy to respect.

  1. I will not be a Nationalist. (This rule lead to many)
  2. I will not say : Lebanon is the best country in the world. “We’re the Best w li 3ajabo”
  3. I will not blame the Syrians for ISIS or any form of terrorism. (Remember, they’re from multiple countries, and I am sure some are Lebanese).
  4. I will not say : Send those Syrians back to their country. Nor “rah yekluna” or “batal fi Lebnene be hal Balad” Personally, I don’t think most of them wanted to come in the first place, they just fled war and death for a better future.
  5. I will not be racist towards any nationality, the cleaning ladies etc.
  6. I won’t say : “l khalijiye shi b 2aref kel sayfiye byejo 3a lebnen”
  7. I won’t call every cleaning lady a “SERE LANKIE”
  8. I won’t hit them. Nor Hit Anybody. Nor will I tell my child : “drobbo 3a rasso”(wink wink)
  9. People can be different, if their differences don’t hurt you, you have no right to hurt them.
  10. I won’t use “anal tests” on Homosexuals.
  11. I will be respectful on the roads.
  12. On the Roads, I will not drive like a crazy person, putting my life and the lives of others in Danger.
  13. I won’t burn tires to demand a right.
  14. I won’t drive a loud car that will wake up babies and activate the alarms of others cars. ( in some countries, there’s a law that put up a dB Limitation )
  15. I will put on a helmet if I drive a motorcycle, and wear the seat-belt if I drive a car. ( THAT APPLIES TO DARAK NOT WEARING HELMETS)
  16. I WON’T GO AK’S SER !
  17. I won’t drive drunk.
  18. I won’t obba obba the motcyle.
  20. I will respect the humans who still walk out there.
  21. I won’t buy my car license (nor find it in a kinder surprise egg) or let my 14 years old son drive the car.
  22. If I am a politician, I won’t block the roads for hours,  people have lives and personal commitments.
  23. I will be responsible.
  24. I will respect Nature.
  25. Remember the patriotism and the love for cedars etc ? Try not to trash the Beautiful Forests.
  26. I will teach my kids that throwing papers in public spaces is wrong. If you want to throw anything, throw it in your houses, not our roads/nature.
  27. Regarding Politics, I won’t vote to ANY political party because someone said it’s the best.
  28. I won’t vote to ANY political party because they belong to the same confession/religion that I am.
  29. I won’t separate Beirut in two parts just like in the civil War.
  30. I will be aware that civil war issues were not solved.
  31. I won’t support Terrorism
  32. I will support the Army.


  33. I won’t fire bullets into the air because I got married, my son got his baccalaureate, my leader came back,my leader is speaking on television.
  34. I won’t fire celebratory bullets after an explosion. NOR JOKE ABOUT THEM ON TWITTER !
  35. I won’t be a spy for Israel. ( Now now )
  36. I am against Zionism, not Jews. (And if you are a Zionist go to Israel ^^ )
  38. If I am a Politician, police men, etc, I won’t accept them.
  39. Beirut.com

  40. I won’t speak in the name of Christians, Druze, Muslims, Atheists, etc. I will never represent an entire group.
  41. I won’t burn my passport or throw it into the toilet ( remember the patriotic songs you sang with all your heart ) *I know it’s not the best passport out there but hey, it’s yours*
  42. I won’t say : e5to hal balad, without giving proper reasons…
  43. And By the Way, I will try to keep the sisters, the mothers and the genital parts out of my lexicon.
  44. Talking of sisters and mothers, Men are not better than woman, woman are not better than man, but they’re not the same. Ok?
  45. I won’t sell illegal drugs ( and if you think they must be legal, fight for it ^^ ) *Not endorsing drugs*
  46. I am aware that every tv Station, newspapers, belong to a political party, so I will try to expand my news sources.
  47. I will demand my basic rights, like water, electricity, education, minimum wages, parks, etc.
  48. I will think and think and think.

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