No, Lebanon is not an island of Serenity in the Middle East.

In Arsal, the Army has been fighting “ISIS” the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. Just by their name, you conclude that they don’t really care about the state boundaries. In fact, their other name, ISIL, means, Islamic State of Iraq and the LEVANT. Lebanon is a part of their plan.

And they will make sure that their plan succeed,  they started from Arsal, and their ambitions are set further into Lebanon.

Now, I felt that too many of us, Lebanese, are not really caring about what’s going on in Arsal, how the Lebanese soldiers are fighting. And that’s really a problem.

Your care will not change something with the fighting, but it will give the world (and yourself) the sense of Patriotism that you can’t stop mentioning. Show it dammit !

No, ISIS, ISIL, whatever, are not here to spoil your summer, they attack whatever the season. They want to see heads falling, you could be a Muslim, if you don’t agree with them, they will try to enslave you ( or cut a part of your body ), and if you are a Shia Muslim, you won’t be able to communicate with those extraterrestrials ( they will cut your heads instead ). If you are a Christian, take a look at Mosul, not very funny situation… and if you claim to be an Atheist, same, off if your heads! 

No Lebanon has never been a country where you can party til morning without thinking about the region, in fact, it has never been an island of Serenity during the 20th or 21st century. That doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. But no, you don’t live in an ideal place, stop acting like it was a paradise on earth. That’s my thoughts.




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