VIDEO : Lebanese Citizens protest the Probable Parliament Extension.



Some parties that seat in the Lebanese Parliament want to extend for the second time the mandate. Their argument is that we can’t vote right now because of the bad security in Lebanon and the presidential vacancy.

Their Argument is wrong because our rights are more important than their mandate. Iraq, with sadly far more security concerns, have organized a vote all over the world few months ago.

They also dismiss the Lebanese constitution.

The Lebanese citizens haven’t voted since 2009.

#NotoExtension لاللتمديد# Lebanon

“My” Lebanese parliament, the one supposed to represent us, the Lebanese citizens, may extend their mandate for the second time in two years. It is a shame.

I really don’t care about the “political factors” of the vote. I am a citizen of a presumed democracy, I am 21, I want my vote, my rights.

What is a democracy when elections are questioned, when some members want to extend the mandate. Legal or not, I want my vote, my rights.

Enough with playing with Lebanese citizens, enough with playing in the name of democracy or security, I want my vote, my rights.

Enough with the same faces, the same problems, the endless vicious circle. I want change, new parties, new laws, a new way of life, the vote might not bring them. But I want my vote, my rights.

Respect the constitution.


Will USA bombardments stop “IS” ? (“Islamic State”)

I consider myself as an anti-interventionist.  I don’t want “boots on the ground” nor intervention. Simply because it led to more chaos, more deaths, more hatred. US, the only so-called superpower in the world, is the master of intervention.

It is very important to say that being against an intervention does not mean being with the government the interventionist want to fall.

Example : Being anti-interventionist in Iraq 2003 does not mean being pro-Saddam. Look at France.

Being anti-interventionist in Syria 2013 does not mean being pro-Assad.

These examples may sound naive, but the number of people I’ve seen blaming everyone to be pro-Assad because they were against an intervention is huge.

Of course I was happy when Saddam fell, but I was not happy when I saw that the bombs were killing mostly civilians. And in fact, the weapons of massive destruction never existed, it was just an excuse to finish Saddam.

Iraq chaos have not created Al Qaeda and terrorism, but it led them in the country for sure and it also led to bloody instability. Saudi Arabia terrorist Wahhabits began to flow into the country, to blow themselves up and join Paradise in their views.

Years later, US left Iraq, but before leaving, they trained and armed the Iraqi army. As soon as USA left Iraq, an Iraqi insurgency began. Some Sunnis of the country were malcontent of the Shi’ite-led government. Again, more violence, more hatred and chaos. Maliki, the Shi’ite prime minister, left his seat after Iran and USA advised him. This move were to appease the insurgency. But in fact, it is too late.

“ISIS” have become a “state” with or without a Shia Prime Minister, and I am certain that the group won’t step down after seeing a Sunni Leader. ISIS have grown, fed itself from the chaos in Syria, and now promise war to the United States and Europe.

US began strikes against IS, not because they fear a massacre from IS, but because they have  interests in Erbil, a city not far from Mosul.  IS have massacred well before the US bombardments, and it will continue their massacre, their ethnic cleansing after the bombs.

If US strikes finish them off, (that is doubtful), what’s the plan after this ? I see no real plan, and please, if you have a link, share it.

With no real plan, IS and terrorism will re-organize, re-exist. The hatred against USA will grow, and the strikes will be very useful for the “Islamic State” propaganda.

Nonetheless, I am supporting US bombardments for multiple reasons.

1) IS needs to be stopped, their expansion is very dangerous and is already destroying Middle East Culture and minorities.

2) If they are not slowed down, this expansion will continue, Baghdad may fall. More chaos.

3) IS is killing innocents.

I will not support a military ground operation or intervention.

And as soon as the bombs are killing mostly civilians, my support will end.

No, Lebanon is not an island of Serenity in the Middle East.

In Arsal, the Army has been fighting “ISIS” the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. Just by their name, you conclude that they don’t really care about the state boundaries. In fact, their other name, ISIL, means, Islamic State of Iraq and the LEVANT. Lebanon is a part of their plan.

And they will make sure that their plan succeed,  they started from Arsal, and their ambitions are set further into Lebanon.

Now, I felt that too many of us, Lebanese, are not really caring about what’s going on in Arsal, how the Lebanese soldiers are fighting. And that’s really a problem.

Your care will not change something with the fighting, but it will give the world (and yourself) the sense of Patriotism that you can’t stop mentioning. Show it dammit !

No, ISIS, ISIL, whatever, are not here to spoil your summer, they attack whatever the season. They want to see heads falling, you could be a Muslim, if you don’t agree with them, they will try to enslave you ( or cut a part of your body ), and if you are a Shia Muslim, you won’t be able to communicate with those extraterrestrials ( they will cut your heads instead ). If you are a Christian, take a look at Mosul, not very funny situation… and if you claim to be an Atheist, same, off if your heads! 

No Lebanon has never been a country where you can party til morning without thinking about the region, in fact, it has never been an island of Serenity during the 20th or 21st century. That doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. But no, you don’t live in an ideal place, stop acting like it was a paradise on earth. That’s my thoughts.