Solidarity with Gaza Palestine from Beirut.

July 21st 2014 : Palestinians, Lebanese, and Foreigners, gathered in Ramlet el Bayda, Beirut, to show that Palestine demand and deserve their most basic Human rights.

As I speak, dead people are piling up, 620 Dead in 2 weeks, because Israel decided that it was necessary to bomb the houses of Hamas members. And who live in Houses ? Civilians.
Ironically, Israel named its massacre-operation “Protective Edge”.

Here are the photos from the protest :


IMG_6364 IMG_6821 IMG_6811 IMG_6789 IMG_6728 IMG_6714 IMG_6672 IMG_6596 IMG_6578 IMG_6551 IMG_6520 IMG_6473 IMG_6451 IMG_6436 IMG_6373


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