What can I say ? Gaza.

This post is not hateful, and I do not wish to see the Israelis dead.

I am not you, I am not wishing (or tweeting) to see the Arabs wiped out.

Israel have been bombing people’s homes for days now. Children died, woman became widows, whole families have been torn forever. All of this in the name of “fighting Hamas terrorism”

Who is the terrorist when one blockades the others, occupy, assault homes at night, build walls, create an apartheid system ? The list can go on forever.

The hypocritical media system makes it seem that a Palestinian life is worth nothing. No real western coverage of Gaza, yet the death toll is now above 50 ! Why the vast coverage of a vile kidnapping that everyone should condemn and not the killings of children ? What do you fear ?

How can you believe Netanyahu when he says Hamas is responsible of the kidnappings, without showing any proof whatsoever ?

I don’t want to witness any deaths. I don’t want the death toll to be equal on both sides. A human life is worth the value of the universe. I don’t want to see innocents die.

I do want justice and love. And people will fight for it.

But Israel has to understand that it cannot play this game too long, it cannot be a democracy when it devastates another people. I beg your pardon, but what is Israel is doing, and when the majority of Israelis wish to see the “Arabs” dead, it reminds me of Nazism.

Can’t you see, Zionist Jews who wish to see Dead Arabs, that you are looking like your past executioners ? Why ?

I will never ever blame Judaism, I will forever blame Zionism. Do not tell me it’s the same, there are thousands of Jews around the world that don’t want Zionism, that demand Israel to stop.

I just hope that one day, you will understand and forgive yourselves, but I think it’s too late, because you are maybe doing the unforgivable.

To all the rightful.

PS : for sources, check Electronic Intifada.