Bomb ? Who cares, Brazil Won. / Fashet 5ele2.

Yesterday, terrorism struck again. No, there were no “peaceful” period between the previous bomb and yesterday’s. Just a clock, tickling, and people living in an illusion of peace.

Illusion, yes. We, the Lebanese people, are into it.

Sorry for the Lebanese ego-centrism. When I see tweets like : “can’t we have a peaceful summer”. I just become disgusted. People die, and you just care about beaches and parties. Sorry about that, next time we’ll tell them not to spoil your VIP summer alright ? ( and it’s not like your summer will be really spoiled ).

When I see fireworks because this or that country won a world cup match, not even an hour after the explosion, I want to vomit. Would you like to light some fireworks if it was your neighborhood, your friends sitting in the coffee shop near the explosion ? I don’t think so.

So next time an explosion occurs ( let’s hope not ) show some decency, some respect, civility, show me the patriotism you all claim to possess.

Heck, celebrate in your house, but don’t show your happiness when a bomb just exploded and wounded and killed innocents. Is it that complicated ?