Ants are better than our politicians.

I have read an article about ants, and it reminded me how productive our politicians are.

Seeing an individual ant, you must be thinking it is walking on random path. But such is not the case as it is actually leaving a trail of pheromones to help the other ants to save time to reach to food sources. Together, the collective is able to gather food sufficient for a colony to thrive.

Ant be like : Grr !  Photo by PHGCOM
Ant be like : Grr !
Photo by PHGCOM

Seeing a single Lebanese politician, you must be thinking it is walking on random path. But such is not the case as it is actually leaving a trail of Wasta to help the others to save time to reach better position. Together, the collective is able to gather power sufficient for a colony to steal.

Ants are capable of utilizing problem-solving strategies and move from chaos to order position. With the help of intelligent navigational strategies, ants are able to divide themselves for different roles including scouting and gathering when searching food.

Politicians are capable of utilizing problem-problem strategies and move from chaos to apocalypse. Even with the help of intelligent navigational strategies, Lebanese politicians are unable to divide themselves for different roles, all of them want everything from everywhere, which lead to war when searching for power.

Nakba Day – Day of the Catastrophe.

I still can feel the sand in my sandals,

The hot air filled my empty chest,

With my children and grandchildren I’ve left,

An Empty House and Land.


How long will it take ?

When will I see again the Galilee sea ?

I still picture my House and my Land,

Even it is just now debris and sand,

Or is it ?

Isn’t my house occupied by people that have no right to it ?

Look! I still have the key, maybe they changed its lock,

Maybe they changed everything, moved every rock,

But my Heart and my Soul will never forget !


You may take everything,

Take everything if you want !

You may occupy every bit of land,

Claim it is yours by right !


But you will never stop the resistance,

We will not lose confidence, abidance, resilience !


Demolition of a Buidling led Dangerously – Beirut, Lebanon.

Near the house I live in an old building was being demolished, nothing special here, though it was an old and beautiful building…

The destruction was first conducted by men and then a machine in the last stages. Only the building partially fell on the road adjacent to it… there was zero security, even if the building was sealed ( but not the first day )

Thankfully the road was empty and it was “guarded” by men that prevented cars going in. Still, there were parked cars very close to the demolition zone. Wonder if the municipality knew about this…

Here’s some pictures.

In this picture the walls were not unfolded and the road was completely unsecured,
In this picture the walls were not unfolded and the road was completely unsecured,
3 Days Later, the walls were unfolded, but it didn't prevent the spread of the building on the road
3 Days Later, the walls were unfolded, but it didn’t prevent the spread of the building on the road



ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment.

I’ve always found that because of the monopoly of some websites, the internet is for a lot of people I know, limited, mainly to  Facebook. It’s like swimming in a little part of some big swimming pool.

I am often amazed by the internet.

What if you saw earth from space ? Simple, you can do it on the internet, but I am not talking about Google Earth. You can actually watch the Blue Planet from space, Live, with cameras mounted on the ISS, the International Space Station ( yup people are constantly above our heads )

As I speak, its altitude is 434km, and it is traveling with a speed of approximately 27,000 km/h.

Here’s the description of the mission on Nasa’s website :


The High Definition Earth Viewing HDEV primary objective is to validate the space-based performance of the cameras in a variety of operating modes to exercise and demonstrate the features and longevity of the COTS equipment for future ISS Program usage. This payload is an external earth viewing multiple camera system using a set of Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) cameras. The HDEV integrated assembly is composed of a camera system of four COTS cameras, integrated Command and Data Handling (C&DH) avionics (ethernet), and a power data distribution box that allows the integration of the payload’s components interface to the ISS Columbus module.

The HDEV visible HD video cameras are a fixed payload camera system that requires no zoom, no pan or tilt mechanisms. The four fixed cameras are positioned to capture imagery of the Earth’s surface and its limb as seen from the ISS (i.e., one camera forward pointed into the station’s velocity vector, two cameras aft (wake), and the other one camera pointing nadir).  The video imagery is encoded into an Ethernet compatible format for transmission to the ground and further distribution.  In this format, the video can be viewed from any computer connected to the internet.


This website also give the current position of the ISS, when it is on the night side of the earth, the image is well, black.

The images are amazing.

Live streaming in Lebanon and in HD, is quite expensive, and you must have a good internet speed. But it is really worth the try. 5 minutes of this and you will be in awe.

I wish Lebanon was sending men to space, I would have been the first one in line.



Weapons Market

I have stumbled upon a sadly interesting interactive website the other day. Why Sadly ? Because it shows the trade of the small arms and their ammunition in the world ( no big missiles, ships, warplanes, etc ). It’s BIG money. (Click Here to see the Site ) And we are only talking about the small arms…  A lot of money that could have been brought to more noble causes, like fighting against hunger and poverty, education,  like investments in real infrastructure regarding the environmental causes, like researching medical appliances. The List is long.

The world in 2013 approximatevly spent $1595.1 BILLIONS ( IISS) and $1747 BILLIONS (SIPRI). Now that’s scary… oh and the freedom teacher of the world, the United States, that have very good relationships with Saudi Arabia ( weapons and diplomacy ) alone spent 36.6% of the world expenditure, Saudi Arabia is 4th.

In 2011, Lebanon has imported $25,010,000 and exported 535,000$ of small arms. “Our” biggest partner was Turkey, it sold to the country the amount of $8,295,000. Lebanon has exported $245,000 to South Korea, making it the top destination of the exportation. 2010 numbers were way better. Maybe the civil unrest and the “arab spring” have relented the exporters of the region.


Now Israel, the country that bombs us from time to time, has quite good numbers. In 2011, it exported more than imported. And of course the main importer of Israel is the United States. In 1996, Israel imported $234,040,000 of “goods”, with #232M alone from the USA. It’s odd…it was the year Israel launched the operation ” the grapes of wrath” in Lebanon. I have no resources to assure it. And let’s not forget we are speaking of small arms.


Russia have very good exports to the United States from 1992 to 2011. Iran, the American nightmare, has imported 4,5M of small arms in 2011…scary number right ?

The end these endless numbers, here’s a video of the importation and exportation of the United States, it’s hallucinating.


And that’s only the small arms, the official deals…I am sure that the black market do far bigger businesses in the world.

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