Lebanon Hashish : Legalize it, but don’t you smoke it in my face ! (plus answer to Gino Raidy : 11 Reasons Why Weed Needs to be Legal in Lebanon )


Personally, I wouldn’t smoke Marijuana or Hashish. But Would I make it legal in Lebanon ? Yes.

And this for a simple reason, as long as it does not harm me, I’m okay with it. So as long as it’s not public ( smoked in the streets or elsewhere ) I will accept it.

I hate cigarettes, the smoke, the smell of it, and smoked marijuana or tobacco, it’s the same for me, it’s just a pollution of the already polluted air around us. Just like you have the right to smoke, I have the right to smell clean and pure air. Your liberties stop when mine are violated. Smoke whatever you want in a private place with private friends or in a private club, but please, don’t smoke it on my face.

I know what you are thinking : but cigarettes and nicotine are worse for your heath than Marijuana. You will present to me every argument to prove it, alright. Everything is debatable, nothing is black or white. So don’t you assume Marijuana is ONLY good for your health, it can be bad, and pretty bad. JUST LIKE LEGAL CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL.

So, because you know well the good aspects of Marijuana, let me present to you the bad aspects.

Cannabis could make you dependent.

Here’s what J. Wesley Boyd, an American psychatrist said in this article :

But the fact that most who smoke don’t get addicted to marijuana does not mean, however, that it isn’t potentially addictive.  Consider my patient who was in his late 20’s when he first came to see me.  He worked in construction, and smoked marijuana as soon as he woke up, on his way to work, at every break during the day, on his way home, and then all evening until he fell asleep.  He told me, “Marijuana is my life, family, my girlfriend and my hobby.” He’d vowed and tried to quit multiple times without success.  His marijuana use ended up isolating him from family and friends.  So, despite the fact that he never experienced any dramatic physiological withdrawal symptoms when he tried not to smoke, this individual was addicted to marijuana.  He couldn’t stop using it and, by his own estimation and that of folks around him, it was consuming his life.

So yeah, Marijuana could make you addictive and dependent, destroy your social life just like I repeat, alcohol and cigarettes. Make something that may harm you legal, just like cigarettes and alcohol.

Journal of Science adds in a study :

These data suggest that marijuana exposure, even in young recreational users, is associated with exposure-dependent alterations of the neural matrix of core reward structures and is consistent with animal studies of changes in dendritic arborization.

Dendritic Arborization here = Neurons. I’m not a scientist, but I understand that Cannabis, just like Nicotine, create shortcuts in the Reward Structures of the Brain.

Gino Raidy have written an article for Flint : 11 Reasons why Lebanon needs to be Legal in Lebanon. I shall comment some reasons.

1 : Prohibition is not working.

Although the claim lacks sources and evidence. It is a feeling that all of us Lebanese share : we know very well that the Marijuana fields (Hashish) in the Bekaa Valey are productive, and that the Internal Security Forces are not making a very good job. But that’s not a good reason to make it legal. Because Prohibition could work.

2 : Lebanese People are for Decriminalization.

85% of  3137 answers is quite a lot, but let’s not forget that the readers of an English blog doesn’t reflect the point of view of all the society…

3. Weed is Good For You

See Above ! :p I am not against Weed Legalization, but as I said, it’s bad to assume that Weed is ONLY good for you, without declaring the cons.

4. Loss of Faith and Respect in the ISF.

Will we love and respect the ISF after the legalization of Weed ? Don’t believe so, but It could help.  The trust between the Lebanese people and the ISF is not in legalizing things that were once illegal. Giving the good example will reinstall the Faith. Of course just as you assumed, ISF doesn’t generally treat us very well. So Legalize it will lower the harassment.

Al Monitor


5. Why Should Israel be the World Leader in Medicinal Marijuana Research?!

Could make the country better in Research, but can’t see a true reason here.

7. It’s Not Addictive or a “Gateway Drug”

Again. Read what I have written and cited above.

8. Less Abused if Legal.


Trials around the world have corroborated that, with examples such as Amsterdam’s, and the more radical decriminalisation of all types of drugs more than a decade ago in Portugal, has more than halved drug abuse and addiction in the tiny European country.

If it does work, I’m 100% with this reason.

9- Gets Money Into The Right Hands.

Again a good reason, legalizing it would make the state richer. And yes, Lebanese can make businesses and money out of it. But I hope that the monopoly won’t fall in the hands of the government.

10. Tourism.

Yes, it would totally attract people from around the globe. A thing our country needs a lot. Especially since the start of Syria Civil War.

11. It’s Your Choice

Of course it’s mine !

As long as you’re not actually harming anyone, it’s no one’s business.

But Hey Gino, passive smoking could harm people. That’s what I believe.

Just like José Mujica, president of Urugay that legalized the use of Marijuana there (and never smoked it he claims), I’d like to keep the use controlled.

Yes for the legalization of weed, for health, recreational and PRIVATE use. Just because tobacco and alcohol are already legal drugs, (yup they’re drugs ) but don’t you smoke it in my face !







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