Picture of ex Lycée Abdel Kader Students in 1977.
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You might haven’t heard of Lycée Abdel Kader. It is a school, it teaches from Maternelle (kindergarten) to Lycée (high school) and prepares its students for the French and the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

It is located in Zarif, at the end of the Mar Elias Road in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lycée Abdel Kader is more than 100 year old, its walls have seen the best years of Beirut, and the worst, and its 2000 students know how much history it witnessed.

Its walls have seen old cars and buses take children from the school and to the school, children who will be parents, parents who intend to have their own children go to the same school they attended.

Its walls have seen the bullets, the missiles, the blood during the Lebanese Civil War, yet it still stands, education beats war.

But Business might beat Education, and when we speak of a 100 years old school, we also speak of History. The Lycée Abdel Kader might be relocated within 5 years, and the whole area will be destroyed. The school is a part of MLF (Mission Laïque Française  ), AEFE ( L’Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger) and the Rafic Hariri Foundation. 

The latter sent a message to the Lycée Abdel Kader, it was posted on the Facebook Page LAK Forever, a group that reunited professors, students, ex-students and parents to protest the idea of the probable relocation. It has now more than 1600 members.

Here’s the message in French.



“Fondation Rafic Hariri is studying the project of relocating Lycée Abdel Kader in a Beirut Suburb, within the delay of 5 years, to answer needs of development and modernization of the establishment. No decision have been made yet. AEFE stays Fondation Hariri Partner, whether the decision of relocation is taken or maintaining the school in its current location.”

Why Mrs Salwa Sinionra didn’t think of renovating the school instead of destroying/relocating it ?

The school was established in 1909, Rafic Hariri Foundation began to manage it in 1985. Legally, you have every right to relocate, even bomb it, morally, it’s another story.

Some rumors say a mall will be constructed at this place…

Here’s what I read in Hariri foundation website :

The Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development greatly values the rich cultural legacy Lebanon has inherited from past civilizations with five World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO and considers safeguarding this distinguished culture among its top priorities.

Don’t destroy the cultural Legacy of Lebanon. Lycée Abdel Kader is a cultural legacy. And it’s a part of the history of Beirut.

And oh how ironic, Solidere is a part of this empire, and Solidere was criticized with the “development” and “modernization” of post-civil war Beirut’s Down Town.

Why are we allowing corporations to destroy our patrimony ? I always hear how proud are we, how we’ve known so much different civilizations, yet we don’t do a single thing to stop this massacre. We have so much beautiful ruins that are being destroyed for soulless modern buildings. Don’t get me wrong, I am with modernization, but I believe that preservation is a part of it.

Lycée Abdel Kader is not more important than the other schools, all the other schools that might one day get relocated, must fight this war. It’s Education Versus Business.

See also the report from LBCI on the matter. Click on this Link


Bonus : Some pics of Lycée Abdel Kader classes and court are seen on the very popular movie West Beirut made by Ziyad Doueiri.

One of the first seen depicts the Bus massacre of 13th April 1975, official date of the Lebanese Civil War. The Massacre did not happen near the school, but in Ain el-Rammaneh.

Lycée Abdel Kader Well known Chateau seen in this shot.
Lycée Abdel Kader Well known Chateau seen in this shot.
a Lycée Abdel Kader Corridor
a Lycée Abdel Kader Corridor
Lycée Abdel Kader Class
Lycée Abdel Kader Class
Lycée Abdel Kader court.
Lycée Abdel Kader court.






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