Jackie Chamoun case needs to be relativised


People that are blaming the main audience of caring too much about Boobs and not enough bombings are…caring too much Jackie Chamoun’s boobs and not bombings ? Blaming also the “Lebanese people” to not care enough about woman beaten to death by her husband are also turning the attention away from these stories and bringing focus on the “scandal”. #Stripforjackie is not going to bring attention on other cases…And that’s the vicious circle.

Today two booby-trapped cars (don’t expect me to do the joke) was dismantled in Mazraa and Labweh (bekaa), and 4 missiles, ready to be fired on Dahye (Beirut Suburb) were found in Debbieh , yet I felt that the Lebanese “Twitterverse” did not care about it, and that’s an irony. #Stripforjackie brought more attention on boobs than bombs, what a lot of you bloggers blamed.

Jackie Chamoun is free to do whatever she wants of course, but let’s take a look on more “civilized” countries, France for example, does not allow woman to go topless : see the article of the Code Pénal here,  monokini is allowed in beaches. So if a woman like Jackie Chamoun showed her breasts in a French public ski resort, she would have been arrested, could be put one year in prison and would be fined 15,000 euros.

It is neither legal in UK.

Here’s a part of an interview she made on NBC Olympics :

Yes. If we were somewhere else in Lebanon, in a public place, maybe they would have shooted us. But we were on the slope in Faraya and it is an open space. The people who go there are people from Beirut who are open-minded, more international in their thinking, and also the jet-set of Lebanon so it wasn’t a problem there. It’s really open there, like in Europe. In other places we could have been in really big trouble.

Ironically, she would have been in big trouble if it was done in France or UK.

Also, she does a very very bad thing, she can’t say the people from Beirut who are open-minded. What is open-mindedness ? And how can she treat other places of being “close-mindedness”?

the Lebanese constitution,

The Lebanese constitution : article 8 :

Individual liberty is guaranteed and protected by law. No one may be arrested, imprisoned, or kept in custody except according to the provisions of the law. No offense may be established or penalty imposed except by law.

 Minister Faisal Karame said he has opened an investigation, because she has acted against the law ( could not find this law online ) … so the “investigation” is legitimate,  now of course the penal code of Lebanon is very very far by being perfect. Now is it  understandable that Karame himself opened an investigation ? That’s quite weird, and really bad publicity for him, of course he should focus on bigger problems, and he was too harsh…

Beirut/NTSC blog is saying that the Ministry of Tourism once advertised Georgina Rizk in the Playboy Magazine,  but the picture is not a half-naked one… and it would not stir up controversy.

Let’s take a look again on France, Miss France can’t take nude photos after her crowning, look at the Valérie Bègue scandal, and the Laeticia Bléger one, also a Frenchwoman can’t participate in the Miss France contest if she had participated in a naked or half-naked photo shooting. So, will you bond France with backwardness and close-mindedness ? Now Jackie Chamoun is not Miss Lebanon, but does not she represent Lebanon in the Sochi Olympics games ? Yes the photo shooting happened before the Olympic Games, but I wonder if she knew she was going there… and yes a lot of athletes posed naked, but as I’m seeing on the internet, not in Public spaces, and if in Open places, far from eyes that would be disturbed by such an event. As she says :

I knew all the skiers who were passing. I could see other skiers. I could see the parents of other skiers. I could see my coaches, everyone.
So she was close to people and could have bothered people that are completely free to NOT see the event. Maybe she have ?

Beirut Report blog post has an interesting theory. We are somehow celebrating what a lot of us fight, the objectification of Women in a whole, why would a nude calendar be different than what the Lebanese media is doing to woman like in the “Splash” Show ?

Please let us remember one important thing : Lebanon is a very heterogeneous, it is important to respect its multiple traditions and views. Just like UN covered a naked statue ahead of Iran talks. Though, we must fight other “traditions” like the honor crimes that often take place in the Bekaa Valley.


One thought on “Jackie Chamoun case needs to be relativised

  1. The UN covering a nude statue because of Iranian visitors shows little respect. The visitors know where they are heading and should respect the local customs and traditions. As long as Iran demands visitors to adhere to the strict modesty code enforced by the theocratic dictatorship, they are in no position to make demands when they go somewhere else.

    As to the laws about nudity in France, Lebanon and elsewhere – its not about which laws there are, its about how they are enforced. Like you said – its weird that a minister would personally open an investigation. That’s what the police are there for.


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