Science Revolution.

Scientific inventions that we hear about and consume, don’t lead to much, a new device like the iPad won’t save the humanity, a new and small camera sensor and more pixels in it won’t resolve the poverty or save refugees. Well you got the point, often new inventions in technology etc in my point of view, are not made to improve the society as a whole, and when I say improving the society, I mean fighting inequality, injustice, and helping these people that you try to ignore. No, your iPhone 5S won’t improve it.

Of course, pharmaceutical research help improving humanity, eliminating ugly incurables diseases, and I can think of a lot of fields other than pharmaceutics.

But that’s not the point of this post, I just wanted to show something that I find amazing, that can change the life of millions if not billions. It’s called the Ultra-Ever Dry, it’s a super-hydrophobic ( that is “scared” of water ) coating and it repels almost any liquid.

Video :

Here’s the few applications I think of :

Car : apply the coat on the glasses of your car, rear and front, and forget about the annoying windscreen wipers. Rain will alone remove itself…

Buildings : same category, glass, no more rain on them, dirt can be repelled maybe. And for the architecture, imagine if this invention will kill moisture, that make fall whole structures.

Refugees tents : imagine this repellent on the tents roofs, water don’t get in, and refugees don’t get wet.

Cloth : no more wet clothes and this annoying cold you catch after.

The list I think of is veryyy long. Let’s hope the inventors of this product will use it to make the world a little better.

STOP Hunting Crimes in Lebanon

With pride, they smile and take photos of their victims.

I support the idea of hunting for food, and just for food, not for the game or “the art” to do so.

Hunting should be regulated, controlled by the government, or entire species can disappear, not only birds, but terrestrial animals too.

And when the government doesn’t work to spread to arrest this outrage, Non-governmental organizations take their places to do so.

STOP Hunting Crimes in Lebanon is a Facebook Page that show delirious massacres of hunting. Again, a sad trend in Lebanon. Support it, spread the message.

And Dear non-existent government, apply the Law, regulate hunting. 



Bullets to welcome a new year

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel has warned against the special way for celebrating a new year in Lebanon. Firing Bullets in the Air.

Why Do we do that ? I don’t know.
What I know :
It’s wrong because :
1. it is highly irresponsible, I mean dude you are firing bullets that might fall on someone’s head.
One young person died because of these bullets, no one gave a damn.
2. It’s stupid. Can’t you just blow on a whistle or something ?
3. Does not give a great image for Lebanon.
4. Not ethical.

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