This morning, as I was having a calm breakfast with my family, I heard a blast, something that seems like a thunder. But it was sunny for a thunder.

It must be a earthquake I said, because one happened in 3:AM the same day.

“This is not an earthquake, this is an explosion and it’s not very far” said my Mother. As if she was too used to this sound.

I walked to the balcony, and here it was, the smoke of an explosion, the same one that I saw over Beirut Suburb when Bir el Abed and Rouweiss bombings happened,  and I thought : “this is the same smoke, and it’s weird because in this smoke, it was not only cars burning, but people burning” and this idea gave me a strange feeling. “we are breathing an air filled with death and particles of dead people … literally, my 9 years old young brother is breathing the same air”

What do you do after this kind of event ? You do what every human being will do, with fear, you will ask all of his beloved persons, your family if they are okay. And you think about these families that have lost someone they love…and you think about their anger and distress.

I don’t want to “analyze” now who is behind this explosion.

I just want to condemn the perpetrators, and give a thought for all this innocent people that have lost their lives.

Be united.

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