Hezbollah TV’s special Christmas coverage – By Beirut Report/Comment

I don’t claim to be pro-Hezbollah or anti Hezbollah, as I try have an external eyes to our political issues. But this report from Habib Batta on his blog Beirut Report makes you think. –> Click here for the report

Let’s think a bit, Christmas is mainly celebrated in what we call the West, of course Christians around the world celebrate it, like the Lebanese Christians. And in the Middle East, often religions and confessions are present on the same soil.

The west claim to be allied with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, did not in any way celebrate Christmas or even mentioned it, yet Hezbollah, on the “list” of terrorists, both in EU and USA, showed a peace message, a coexistence message… Is it not odd ?

That’s because they want us to believe what they want to believe.


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