Commenting the dangerous night / 15th of December.


Lebanese army troops in Sidon. (AFP/Mahmoud Zayyat)

What a fragile country, but what a strong army.

Yesterday night, the 15th of December, was full of dangerous events.

Lhe Lebanese army protecting Saida and its citizens have been directly attacked by terrorists.

A roadblock filtering the entry of citizens had been attacked in the north side of the city, at the Awwali bridge, one of them killed himself accidentally.

45 minutes later, in an attack likely coordinated, a man blew himself up near an army checkpoint in the Majdelyoun area, killing himself and a sergeant, and wounding a soldier. This is the second time a man blows himself up in less than 6 weeks, and this is disturbing, why ? Simply because we haven’t witnessed this yet, after 8 years of crisis. The importation of extremism ideology has succeeded.

The Abra episode, the fight between the Lebanese army and Salafi Ahmad el Assir militia, is not done, it was just the first episode of a long series I fear. What can really do the army ? Nothing, it just can count on its intelligence force. They are the army of a separated Lebanon, but when they respond to attacks with bravery, we feel united for a brief time.

Meanwhile further in the south of Lebanon, clashes occurred between the old enemy of Lebanon and its army. And what happened is confused. Is the single soldier that attacked an IDF car was ordered to do so ? Why did he do it ? Was the IDF in Lebanese territory ? All I can say is that I am happy that it didn’t start a war, and that regional forces and influences are commending restraint from the adversaries.

See the full events of the night here :

Good luck Lebanon.

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