Demonstrators protest power cut in Dahiyeh’s Hay al-Sellom.


“BEIRUT – Demonstrators blocked a road in southern Beirut’s Hay al-Sellom on Sunday to protest ongoing power cuts and lax state efforts to stop the flooding of the area’s Ghadir River.

Internal Security Forces intervened to reopen the road, the National News Agency reported.

In early December, the Hay al-Sellom neighborhood was hit by floods after the Ghadir river overflowed due to heavy rainfall.” Now Lebanon.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the angry Lebanese people. Why is it angry ? Simple, it does not have the simplest technology in the world. Electricity.

Hay al sellom is a poor neighborhood, and of course it does not receive any aid from the so-called state. Simply because the state is…incompetent.

The problem will exists as long as the present government exists, simple as that.

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